Fridays are good days
Today wasn't really one of those occasions - starting with an eight am meeting about another (yes I know) change in top management and the subsequent restructure!!
Then lots of chatter
Then feeling sad for people who have lost jobs.
Then luncheon
a good part of the day!
Then meetings
And not enough time to do what I really wanted to do.
But then it got better - the really good thing about Friday
is the start of the weekend
Today picnic on a school playing field listening to a concert.

today wasn't really good because there was another attempt to kill a load of people with a horrible bomb. Fortunately the 'services' are full of brave, clever, dedicated, fanstastic people. Thank you.

turned up.


Oops for the typo
which stopped the link to flickr
it's fixed now I think

Thinking during work
I sat through some great heated
arguments about plans

Planners are also
to blame , so some people say
about this weeks floods

Flooding on a road
I drove through this evening
to a lovely pub

Pubs will be smoke free
thankfully after this week
which will be just fab.

I months rain in 1 day

And lots of the country is flooded
it seems that every month one record or another is smashed
amount of water
dry days
windy days

it's a good job that I bought some energy efficient light bulbs the other day

today was a work day, but last night I flicked through a diary I kept quite few years ago, before the blog trend started

I learnt a couple of things from the hand written notes
a) I couldn't read my own writing
b) judging by the writing I drank too much
c) not much very interesting happened
d) there wasn't a single entry about the weather


I've been playing around
with flickr

click the link
if so inclined
and see

which one will I pick?
doesn't really matter
as one of these two chaps
is likely to nick it
the winner of the
staring competition
get the red one!


Sometimes I log onto my PC
prepare to write my blog with glee
but tonight inspiration
is with the sanitation
gone down the pipes to the sea.

So instead I will write,
until there's no light,
(because I can't sleep
and I'm still out of sheep)
nothing. Good night.

Stiff Legs
walked a long way
last night
along this beech
just before the rain and thunder
and great lightening
got back
to the car in the dark
listening to a chorus
of croaking frogs
or toads
toads or
frogs croaking of
chorus a to listening
dark the in car the to
back got
lightening great and
thunder and rain the before just
beech this along
night last
way long a walked

Father Day

Should it be Father's or Fathers' or Fathers. I don't know. And, apart from getting a number of lovely presents (put that aside) I do thinks it's a funny old idea, that I'm not so sure about. Very Commercial. Hey Hoe. I was given some lovely bendy frogs, that are meant to tie the tomato plant to the cane, but actually look fantastic hanging from the rear view mirror in the car. First time I've ever attached something like this to the car, next time it may be a couple of big red furry dice.

3 lines again

Southampton and back
Rain came down like cats and dogs
Whatever that means

And now the boy's back
The two girls are here as well
So we are complete

If a work person
Is taking a look at this
TG's looking good

Food for thought

I had lots of thoughts
and not alot of food

I was in London
Skipped lunch
and walked to allow me to think

And I thought

All about why I was rung today
saying I had another job to do.
Like it or lump it.

I'm lumping it.

It's raining
So I was thinking about something I heard a few weeks back.
That there are three rules (in human terms) about how we live our lives, three premises that have been suggested.
But I've just re read them
And decided on second thoughts that I don't like them. Management speak. Yuk!
So I've come up with three (random things) of my own:
Chill out a bit - think about what's the worst that can happen.
Be as nice to as many people as possible - just because.
Write things down - either in a letter, a song, a blog - about how you think or feel, about whatever.

It still raining, and I've got to get the 6.10 train in the morning.

Hope everyone has a good day tomorrow :-)

Get Well Soon

Paddington Bear
Over the sea he went
Only as far as Peru
Rumour has it.

Didn't trip up though
Escaping Machu Picchu
And break his ankle.
Requiring Rescue.

Though if he did
I would have probably have
Never known
After all, no cell phones.

It's early
in the morning
like about 2.30 a.m.
and I

Sleep is a
wonderful thing
but if you can't
it's elusive
and if you can
you don't know
or care

I've tried counting sheep
there are 31
now what do I do?

Lost and found

I am alive now
Also I'm married again
Found in a drawer

Were some various
Certificates showing my birth
And of course wedding

I'm glad that I've got them because you never know when you might need something like that to get yourself out of fix and I was glad that it wasn't me after all that had lost them or put them in a stupid place they were in a very sensible place and I've done enough stupid things this week but to be fair I've done also at least one sensible thing because I've started wearing a cycle helmet when cycling to work of course I can't really understand why it's taken so long stupidity I guess.

Free leaflets

Apparently, a bloke stood outside Oxford Circus the other week (maybe the other month) and handed out leaflets to hundreds of passers by. Most were either dropped or chucked in the bin. A few were read - and the even fewer people followed what was written, i.e. go round the corner, knock on the door and pick up your free fiver.

So, most people ignored the free gift, 'cos they thought they were being passed junk.

I wonder what you and I have ignored over the years. Try these words for example - which were on a leaflet once that I picked up: "This is how much God loved the world: He gave his Son, his one and only Son. And this is why: so that no one need be destroyed; by believing in him, anyone can have a whole and lasting life. God didn't go to all the trouble of sending his Son merely to point an accusing finger, telling the world how bad it was. He came to help, to put the world right again."


What happens when in the full glare of the media and the country you get booted out of the national team? What happens when in similar circumstances you get sent off in a world cup match?
Well one bloke has good a good idea. Work hard, bounce back, and show 'em. Well done David Beckham.

What happens when you get jeered at, in front of a whole crowd? What happens, when in similar circumstances you get mocked, beaten and murdered? You forgive, and offer everyone a way back. Thank you.

Of course, there is no comparison.

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