What is it about of English fried breakfast?
They are so fab
and the one today, in Sunny Southampton
was especially good,
and especially welcome after an early start
the car was especially full coming home
with three years of University accumulation
the roads were especially full
of holiday makers
heading in especially dark clouds
It is especially good to have
a home full again.

What I learnt at Wimbledon what I didn't know before Tuesday
1. that it is possible for the Brits to be very polite, clean, tidy
2. that the whole plans runs with military precision
3. that some very nice military looking stewards make sure that everyone sits down when they are supposed too
4. that it is possible to get 15,000 people to have their mobile phones on silent
5. that most people can't sit through a whole tennis match
6. that champagne is pretty tasty, especially when drunks at the right occasion
7. that one can't help saying 'aaahhh' when the ball hits the net cord
8. that I want to go again

I'll be back
Was bound to be a line in the film and it was but it wasn't the film I intended to go an see but I had got the times wrong and so missed star trek and saw terminator which was load lots of shooting with special effects and clever machines mingled with people munching crisps and little yelps of surprise.
This was after a second day in a warm and sunny and in a funny kind of way quite nice London where I met and discussed and possibly one could argue made a little bit of progress ready for some new campaigns later this year what was particularly good was the use of my new bag which meets all expectations the only downside was that the trains are always so busy coming home the only seats are either reserved or in the quiet zone I ended up being noisy in an unreserved bench sorry seat.

Today I had a few questions
Why does everyone write on facebook about what a lovely weekend they've had, visiting the best friends ever ("love you"), having the best ever BBQ in perfect weather with their wonderful partner. Why o why??
Why do people look at me like I'm crazy when I put my cycle helmet on?
Why do the men next to me in the theatre always think they can possess 100% of the arm rest?
Why does the wind always blow against me when I'm cycling to or from work?

Anyway, enough questions
The best thing about today left me with no question. I didn't want to go somewhere, I went, it was fantastic. I remembered why I am who I am!

Some of you may know

I'm house hunting
How does this one look?

Swans on the Lake at Felbrigg

I've Wanted
One of these
For ages
Now I have it.
Far to much money
I love it!

Rain Rain Rain
What a pain
Keeps coming back again
Tonight on my bike
because I had no coat
or waterproof
or cape
of similar
I got soaked
But I had wine
which helped.
Watched England score 6 goals
against a very poor team
from the principality
of the valleys of Andorra
who despite having the highest life expectancy in the world
were not much cop at footy.
But I suspect better than me.

New things
New elections, new voting, new cabinet, new order.
Not sure if new is better, but I guess most people think it can't get much worse.

New search engine . . rebadged MSN search, just as bad, still no one will use it, just give the same old unwanted results. Stick with faithful Google.

New email - Wave. Google trying to reinvent email, which after all has been around, just about unchanged for 40 years, pre dates the internet, as is , as it says, electronic mail. About time we had something different? Maybe Google have the answer with wave ......not yet launched....not sure.

New tent, check it out!

Or closer up.....

As Promised
A Day
Because that's the
first letter
for the new name
for the place I work.
I saw a flag raised
I ate a bbq
I watched some songs being sung
I threw out of sweet sweet yellow
cup cake
and a sticky yellow lolly
I have kept a rather grand plastic mug
with a logo on
I have a new message on my answer phone.
How cool is that!

Yeah, I know I've not updated
this most favourite
of blogs
as you can see below
I've been on a
(just outside Bath).
Later in the week
I'll say something about
"A" Day.
Bet you can't wait

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