first match
of the season
a friendly
west ham
we lost
but twas fun

22 thousand or so saw it
good way to make £2m squid

tomorrow I find out
what job, if any, I have

should be a fun day....

Three things I learnt today

Each very interesting

first - back up all your data on your pc. especially a work pc. You never know when it's going to blow. An hour after getting back from holiday isn't the best time....

second - which I actually learnt a couple of days ago - technology can be a wonderful thing. When I drove into the airport car park at Gatwick - the door opened to let me in - and out ten days later - because a camera recognised my number plate and knew I'd paid - unless of course there was a man behind the camera with a long list of paid reg numbers.....

third - funerals can be done lots of different ways. Today's was very different, no song, no prayers, no words of 'committal'. Just family and friends talking - and pictures - followed by food and beers. Dear Ria was so great, and her 10 yer old son, having watched a husband and father suddenly die, to stand up in front of people and say what they thought and remembered. Well done.

Italian Photos.

All being well, you could see some of my recent pics here.

Back Home

The tomatoes are dry
the grass is three feet tall
Done Italy
it was great, hot, tasty.
Now I have the week at work
to look forward to
wonder what it will bring.
At least the house was dry
I had no idea about the floods
I wonder if they had insurance
And wonder what that will bring at work
for me.

Wot I learnt yesterday!

If you have really good experience, you can can trigger a recollection, thereby enjoying it again and again at your leisure, or when ever you need to feel good about yourself, or confident, or strong etc etc.

This is how it goes.....
For example
Take a fantastic piece of duck, with fantastic source, pickled cabbage, company etc.
Eat it
and enjoy so much that you are bursting with happiness
Then think hard about it whilst anchoring it on some physical signal, like crossing fingers or clenching teeth.
And whenever something else positive or good happens, link it with the fingers or teeth or whatever it you have chosen as your trigger.
So, your trigger mechanism gets loaded with all these positive things.
Then, when needing the positive feelings, do the finger or teeth job, and your brain will associate all the positive things, and the feelings will come flooding back.

And you'll feel great.

How fantastic this.......

July 16
I went tonight for a Pizza at figaros. It was good, because the people were interesting but I'm not a big fan of the restaurant. I prefer zizzis or presto or pizza express. Anyway it was food and I like food. I made pasta on Saturday and I had Chianti (wine) the other day. Maybe I'm part Italian.

I also had lots of meetings at work today, but no food. I have had lots of food for thought in the past couple of weeks though. I've come to terms with the new job -so for the record, I'm cool.

I told some one today that I write a blog, but usually only 2 paragra.......

Competition Time

I saw this great competition today-the best pun wins. Results later in the day. I thought I'd be great at this given all my years of blogging experience.

So I developed ten great puns, or so I thought

I submitted the ten.

Then I went and had my second beer of the week in a smokeless pub - brilliant

Then I went to see West Side Story at school. It was really good, especially the violin playing.

And then I went to see how I got on. Surely one of the ten puns would have won the prize.

Alas, no pun in ten did.

I've like been on a few journeys this week
and like it's only Wednesday.
I've been like to an airport - and watched people being greeted at arrivals for like 2 hours. It was so like I was on the set of Love Actually. Like brilliant. Smiles, worries, fake hugs, real like bear hugs. Like tears. Like I now know what it's like to be like on a film set. What a journey.
I've also been on like a Nissan journey too. Never driven la Japanese car before. Like is goes so fast, and corners like on two wheels. (just kidding pa!). Like I thought the only car to have was a model G Ford.
I've been on like a journey of discover about the differences between Americans and the English. They, like the Americans I met today, were so tall. Well like the boys. Not the girls. Tall American boys like to like call people like me Mr Surname. Except it would be like Mr Lastname. And like they don't know queues. We English so like queues.
I went on a journey to learn about Practices, Changing Rooms, and like a Team Manager Journey, or TMJ. You so do not want to know about that journey.
I haven't been on like no journey to Blickling or somewhere near by. That's like a sad journey - the not going to mid Norfolk bit. If I do ever go, it will be a good jounrney. You have to pay in the car park though.
My best journey took me to a like so fantastic a place. I discovered that my American Niece is not American at all. She's so like English it's untrue. Go Laura.....

What I did Today
I broke the garage door
I took the afternoon off
I went to a meeting that didn't exist
I wasted the half day
I spent time preparing for a rerun of the failed meeting that
I can't do tomorrow
I washed the car
I found something that had been lost in the car for 6 weeks
I didn't cut the exceptionally long grass
I felt hungry most of the day
I drank no wine
I thought about tomorrow.

at the weekend
this is Waxham
and the camp
was great fun.
The field was wet
very wet
car was stuck for a few moments
but the sun and wind
and it soon dried out.
As well as the sunset
I saw a lots of seals
and the two creepies below.

Rain Drops
Today I saw the biggest raindrops that I'd seen for ages, falling out of a very dark almost black cloud. I'm not really sure why raindrops come in different sizes, but these were definitely big. They landed on my dirty car - but didn't really create any cleaning. Maybe it would be a good idea to invent a self cleaning car, rather like a self cleaning oven. I'm not really sure if self cleaning ovens work. I do know that when I got in my dirty car the other day it felt like an oven. Maybe it would be good to have a self cooling oven, I mean car. My house seems to clean itself, and stay cool. I go to work , leaving a messy house, I come back, it's clean. Unlike the office, which doesn't appear to have been cleaned or cooled for an age. Work has done quite a bit of thinking about size though, called right-sizing. I think the right size for a raindrop is about 1.2mm. However, on further investigation I discover that "Different sources approximate different ranges for the measure of a diameter of a raindrop. However, on the average, a raindrop is between 0.1 to 5 millimeters. There are some exceptions; rarely, raindrops of 8 millimeters were known to occur. Sizes larger than that do not normally occur because the raindrop particles simply break up or collide with other neighboring particles. The appearance of large raindrops always signals strong updrafts and turbulence. Presently, precipitation is believed to be triggered by a course of action called the collision-coalescence process. Most cloud droplets are extremely small that the motion of the air keeps them suspended. Because large cloud droplets fall much faster than smaller droplets, they are able to sweep up the smaller ones in their path and thus grow and expand in size and volume. Several important factors affect the diameter or size of a raindrop. First, the fall velocity of a raindrop particle is directly proportional to its diameter. The larger the particle, the faster it falls. The same follows for the maximum fall distance before evaporation, or the process in which a liquid turns into a gas. The larger the diameter, the greater the distance it will fall due to gravity, the force that pulls a water droplet toward the earth's surface."

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