First time in 25 years
this week was fairly
I did the chain saw
and even took the chain
and put it back
and I did the leaving
handing back my
and more importantly my access
now I don't know what I'll
when I'm in the city and need the

Haven't done pictures for a while
This weekend in Hampshire's finest forest

I'm writing this on a mac
which don't mean I've decided to pack
up the old Dell laptop
which turned out to be a flop
but rather I'm on someone else's
and putting it through its paces
and I must say
it's almost worth having to pay
double the price
but that's not nice
especially when there's no income
and I'll have to become
or stay 
a dell boy for many a day.

At long last
It's raining which I guess is a good thing because here in wildest Norfolk it doesn't happen very often but the downside is that I can't really go out and tackle more of the garden unless of course I want to get wet which I don't so instead I will get on with some inside stuff like filing and unpacking and maybe reading and music making and I might even read a paper on-line of course and review all the news there has been recently about the national front I mean British Nationals and fascism and other things horrid and racist alternatively I could read about Robbie and his comeback or Liverpool and their latest abject football failure

Hog Roast
Tonight I had the best hog roast of the year, in fact the only hog roast of the year. True, we ran out of apple sauce, but hey that's not the end of the word.
In fact, I'm not sure what or where the end of the word is. For my apple tree, which is about to be felled, it is perhaps the end of it's world. But I'll plant a pip and you never know.
For the pigeon I hit today - I think it was the end of the world.
And, I think it may even be the end of the road for Chelsea hope of winning the title this year.
And my wish is that it the end of the road for for the proposed one-way systems in Norwich, which will be a real pain in everybody's collective necks (albeit in 2015!).


Just claimed a load of expenses.
I hope that in 5 years time
someone doesn't change the rules
and tell me I could
not in fact
claim for
work train trips to London
and ask for it all back.

If they do I'll be
a little annoyed.

However, I shan't be claiming for the
sparkly new chain saw
or garden branch shredder
that I acquired yesterday.

Hedge cutting
X Factor watching
Broads walking
(well, next too, on solid ground)
Shopping for the house
Job hunting

Where does all the time go
I now understand
all those people who are at home all day
and say the day has flown past
before I know it it's tea time
and all I've done today
is prune, visit the tip, speak to the neighbour, have tea with a friend, answer emails, speak with a lawyer, eat lunch, go to the post box, feed that cat.....
I wanted to do so much more!

And I didn't get time to listen to any Tory party speakers from their conference
what a shame that is, especially as it was a bit chilly in the house today

it hard
to know what to write
about on these

but today it's easy

I fell off
a ladder
which broke
causing the fall

I now have a gash in my leg
and back
ache all over
and need to buy
a new ladder

I think I'm more concerned about choosing
a ladder
than I am my aching

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