Lots of passes today.
Starting with
her driving test.
the Football UK head office
Soho Square
the Italian Restaurant
on Princes Street
Instead, popping in to a
fantastic French place
on Elm hill.
Gillian McKeith
on TV tonight
talking about poo
A Girlfriend at work,
almost proposing to her man
because it was Leap Day
In fact there are
different uses of the word.
But I've passed on most of them.

The earth moved

I couldn't let the day go without talking about the earthquake this morning. Measuring a whooping 5.2 on a scale beginning with R that I can't spell. Yes I was awake at 5 to 1 this morning. Yes I did hear the rumble. Yes I felt the house shake. Yes I thought something odd was happening. Like a giant grabbing our house in his giant hands and giving it a bit of a shake. Yes I leapt out of bed and took a look at our sleepy neighbourhood. And that was that. Made me think how scary it must be to be an stronger quake with houses tumbling down around you. The rumble was quite impressive though. I'll have to wait another 25 years now, unless of course I move!

Don't feel sorry
Having spent a full and
fun day
finishing arguments
formulating responses
following up my actions,
which is the format of most of my days,
I fancied watching some football
finishing the lovely pineapple fruits from Waitrose
(or was is the far-away Carribean)
instead I figured out
funding arrangements
for the furtherance of some of the charites
my Church supports
now I fancy a flavoursome beer
but unfortunately
my cravings are futile, because
it's only Monday.

Talking to each other

Today I had a chat about communication
this was after watching
a cracking 1-0 victory for my team
my girl struggle choosing a birthday present
an Aussie referee control French rugby players

It made me think (the chat) about faults and so I looked up these quotes:

Condemn the fault, and not the actor of it.
A friendly eye could never see such faults.
The greatest of all faults, I should say, is to be conscious of none.
Not to alter one's faults is to be faulty indeed.
A diamond with a flaw is better than a common stone that is perfect.
Love him who tells you your faults in private.
When looking for faults use a mirror, not a telescope.

Can you spot the two from Mr Shakespeare

Broken Strings
On my squash racket
£23 to fix
which might seem a lot
but compared to the millions of pounds lost by people investing in Northern Rock
isn't much
If I invested in a horse
and it lost the race
I wonder if I could moan
and demand my money back?

Broken Strings
On my violin
£0 to fix
which might seem pretty cheap
but that's because I was given a fresh one by a fellow fiddler
If I replaced all my violin strings
with ones the vibrated better
I wonder if the people listening
would moan less?

Theatre Tonight
was good

the best line went along these lines:

you have a little bit of talent
just a spark
and that spark could well fan into a little fire
not a huge fire
to illumine the whole world
but the world has some dark places
and even a little fire could
bring some well needed

the worst line:
sorry sir, we have no ice cream left

Hamp Shire

The New Forest pony
is a strange beast
They stand and stare
Often in the middle of the road
but also run and snort
and of course eat
almost always eating.
They are short
and hairy
and make a good photo.

well well
it's going to be cold tonight
and tomorrow night
so, if you can't sleep
dreaming about the only word in English
that ends in the letters
or maybe try thinking about
the longest word you can write, or
even type
using only the top row of letters
on the computer keyboard.

When I couldn't get sleep
last night
I got up and watched a TV show
about a woman
who only ate burnt
sausages, with mash
like 3000 a year

In the fog

Today it's Wednesday
So I thought a trip to York would be a good way
to spend a day off work.

Well, really it was a visit
to University
where I enjoyed listening to paranoid mums
when term started
can microwave ovens be taken into bedrooms
is there CCTV on campus

Then had a look round the city
lots of cool shops
(in fact it was frosty)
and restaurants boasting
English tea
English roast
English Yorkshires
English ale
We plumped for
Italian pizza

Now the hard work of
comes into play

My to do list

Got a lot
today which is
fortunately I did mange to
it a little by nipping out to the
and renewing my
for next season's
I've moved seats after
just to prove I'm not stuck in a

I also knocked off watching
a TV program about
which is brilliant.
There are about 5,500 different types
and some are called
the ones with dry skins.
I only have
different frogs in my house
made from
wood, glass, bronze, glass, tin, fur and precious stuff

There is probably some deep
reason why I love frogs;
who knows.
Maybe I'm just a bit

Well Sized
This weekend at the sea
wasn't all all boozy
I was away with Church
And I didn't have to seach
much to find the way
'cos I was at Sizewell, okay.

And sizewell is pretty big and it was okay.

the garden was flowering
the sea was blue
the house was cool
and the power station
as you can see below
was BIG.

These in the garden

And this is the beech

This is the weekend home

This is the powerstation next door

Robin Hood
Yesterday I was in Sherwood Forest which is in the middle of England slightly nearer Doncaster than Nottingham which is where the TV series seems to think it's all set but of course the TV series is filmed somewhere over in Poland talking of which I saw a load of gangs working on the fens and that was probably where most of them were from picking leeks and daffodils being pushed along the fields trying to earn the £60 that was pay for the accommodation they are forced to share with dozens of equally unfortunately Poles trying to find a better life which brings us back to Robin trying to create a better life for the poor and to my conference trying to create a better life for our customers unfortunate enough to have a flood or a crash and for the record I didn't really dress up as a maid called Marion for the evening banquet but I did dress up and looked a bit of a sight and now I'm back home eating jelly babies and pretending everything is ok.

today had
roast beef,
St Emillion
and of course

Red Bird, Blue Flower

What's up ?

last night
cold and snowy.
But still prefer
All set for Faye's and Alan's
in ninety minutes.
Yours truely
playing the fiddle
as the bride enters.
will be focussing
on her beauty.
I'd better go and wash.

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