Talking to each other

Today I had a chat about communication
this was after watching
a cracking 1-0 victory for my team
my girl struggle choosing a birthday present
an Aussie referee control French rugby players

It made me think (the chat) about faults and so I looked up these quotes:

Condemn the fault, and not the actor of it.
A friendly eye could never see such faults.
The greatest of all faults, I should say, is to be conscious of none.
Not to alter one's faults is to be faulty indeed.
A diamond with a flaw is better than a common stone that is perfect.
Love him who tells you your faults in private.
When looking for faults use a mirror, not a telescope.

Can you spot the two from Mr Shakespeare

The referee was a Kiwi, not an Aussie but then I wouldn't expect you to pick the difference in the accent steve, we've only been playing each other at squash for about 20 years !
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