Old Year's End
Two profound things to think about before New Year's Start.
Only one is written down.
You cannot plough a field by turning it over in your mind.

There is something good
about walking from your front door and seeing a world like this within five minutes.

Good old Norfolk, England.

I hope everyone saw or heard or knew or smelt or touched or tasted or loved or experienced or did (or even didn't if necessary) something fantastic over the last few days of old year ending.

Today I need go and think of something profound to consider on new years ever....whatever will it be......

In 3D
Go see
You will not be disappointed.

I was slightly disappointed
to find my car
skidding about
and unable to move
on the wet ice
on a Norwich cul de sac.
Requiring some
young men
to give me a push.

Almost Christmas :-)

Proof that the snow is indeed beautiful in Norfolk.

So much to say
I could write about the climate conference in Denmark
I could write about the climate and the snow in Norfolk
But both have been pretty uneventful.
I could write about this afternoon's walk around Alderfen
or the sun just setting behind the trees in our garden
Both are pretty wonderful.
I could write about the 2 people I saw on the walk
or the 2 people being born every second which means that our planet will not be able to sustain the growing human population for more than about 30 years.
But no.
I shall talk about two pebbles. Two drunken pebbles, on the beach having a conversation. Pebble 1. "Are you married? Pebble 2. "No I'm shingle".
And that's before the crackers are pulled!

Trains, snow, vandals, signals
A combination of these four is almost bound to cause a delay on the return trip to Norfolk. So with some trepidation I jumped in the early evening train. Fell asleep, and found my self back home in record time. There must be some sort of theory that says thing go well when you don't expect them to and go bad when you don't expect them to. So maybe the lesson is never expect too much. I wonder if we can say the same about family, friends and colleagues. No. Always expect the best. That's what I reckon. And if things don't work out, then let it go, and still expect the best. My other little tip for the day:You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree. You can't both be right. You could both be wrong. Maybe that's 4 tips ?

Slightly disappointed.
That John didn't look like this
But he did a grand job
Now I just need a match, some coal, a scuttle
and then I'll be well happy.

The other job I had done was a certain tank
in the garden
But though a picture of that
might put you off your tea!

Empty restaurant
I went into an empty restaurant on Wednesday. Although when I was there there were two punters - one being me - a chef and a waiter. So it wasn't empty at all. I nearly didn't go in, surely an empty restaurant can't be much good. How wrong I was. It was very good.
In contrast, the train to London, and back, was very full, and not at all good!
The world has gone upside down.
That reminds me, the waiter was from New Zealand - so maybe the world is literally upside down.

This is very exciting
Been want to enjoy one of them for ages !

Odeon Digital
I have to say, the cinema experience last night was far better than I had tought it would be. The digital visual, and digital sound was pretty cool - almost perfect picture. All cinemas should be like this rather than films and dust jumping around the spool.
I'm not sure whether to admit that I also enjoyed New Moon. I was definitely in a very small majority, a) for being male, and b) for being over 17.
Today was also a good day, because I got the frogs out, poor things had been locked up in their boxes for three months!
And despite using the tubes for three days last week, I still don't have the flu - yay!

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