Summer is here
But tomorrow is officially Autumn
Seems like the weekend was the start/end of a lot of things
Like my my temporary bachelor life (ends)
Like hard work (starts)
Like lazy evenings (ends)
Like planning for a trip to South Africa (starts)
Like cooking, cleaning, ironing (ends)
Like missing friends (starts)
Oh well

Tonight we raised money for 6 bikes
of the pedal variety
for 6 people to pedal out
and show people in at least 6 remote African villages
some good news
which is indeed good news.

And in case you hadn't guessed, Mrs Steve-ee-g got back from Soweto
having had a fantastic time.
Come round and hear all about it.

Nice one
The sunset over Cromer Pier tonight
the Fish and Chips on the pier
The walk up and down the pier
and sea front
with the offspring.
Not so nice
my waistline
especially after the large ice cream
and not being able to keep up
when the offspring said
race you yo end of the prom
too slow
not many years ago I would easily win a race.

So there we have it,
my local sports club, has been sold off
by my employers
and today
was my last game of squash
And my lasting memory
is of a freezing cold shower.
Really cold.
So goose bumps are all I have to show for
the best part of 1,200
Funny thing is
I'm now 2 stones heavier
less fit
and about £3,000
worse off.

I would not say that I was a great dog person.
And I've never ever got excited about dogs, or such things.
But tonight I was outraged
on behalf of pedigree dogs
following a programme on TV
which showed the horrendous extent
of inbreeding
leading to hundreds of inherited diseases
features of so called "true to breed" champions
that make it almost impossible for the dog to, breath, mate, walk,
live a normal, happy or long life.
And the breeders themselves
who seem completely blind
to what they are doing.
I think this picture says it all.
What have we done

Thinking time
Were the whole realm of nature mine, That were a offering far too small; Love so amazing, so divine, Demands my soul, my life, my all.
I haven't sung this song for a little while, like a few months. Which is unusual because it's quite a popular one, in certain circles. Not so popular at the football. but in certain circles.
Anyway. I remember singing it about 24 years ago - at a funeral after a friend died. Don't know why I thought about this or her (Jenny) today - but I did.
On a different note, I also thought about sticky toffee pudding.
And then I smiled because we (GB) have won 11 whole big shiny gold medals - so far!

Today I have been mostly
how come Phelps
the swimmer
can eat so much
wondering, am I ever
to attain next years sales targets
how life is in South Africa
if Norwich will score a goal tomorrow
And then I made some diner
which was grand.
And thought a lot more about that man who wanted to protest on the M25, and rather selfishly I thought created 15 miles of q'ing traffic, making people late for air planes, late for meetings, and generally pretty fed up. I'm sure there must be better and less selfish ways to protest.
I think I wold write a letter to the Times.

Just watched an ace TV program about 8 celebs trying to learn how to conduct a symphony orchestra. Bit like a reality TV / talent show. It was great - especially if you like classical music and like watching conductors. Recommend it to you all. BBC2 9 pm
It was also taking my mind of Mrs-ee-g's trip to Soweto tomorrow morning.
And maybe what I'm going to eat for the next three weeks!

i.e. the Lakes
A few pictures of last week's hiking.
As you can see...
Each morning I wonder if I can really climb another mountain (well hill)
Then I start
and then I knew I shouldn't have.
Then we get to the top
and it's very grand.
Then I stumble down hill
jarring the old knees.
Then the next day comes
and the sun's out
and I think, yeah, let's go again.

Happy's Back

What else can I say
ITV 9.15 ish pm in the first ad break of something like Miss Marple

On a different subject altogether, some guy was let out after 8 years in prison for not shooting down a TV presenter. I wonder what it's like being in prison for 8 years for something you did not do. Can't begin to imagine.

Talking of which - I celebrated 23 years of marriage the other day.

Plus I've had no Guinness for 4 days.

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