I laid my first one
patio that is
Apart from a failed attempt
ten years ago
which someone had to
redo for me.
It's round
it's relatively flat
it's relatively stable.
I couldn't help wondering
about the people
I assume guys
who had hewn the stone
out of some quarry
Considering what I paid
and transport over the ocean
and middlemen
the quarrymen
can't have got much.
But I shall shall think of their
blisters and bruises
whilst I'm having morning

The Weekend
is over.
It's been hot.
I've done lots
of walking.
Out in the midday
Mad dogs
and Englishmen
and all that.
was 22 miles
of the
Weavers Way.

with a break in the
for the best
Pork Pies
in the world.
Today was even hotter
with a mug of tea
at the destination
One Pound Bargain.
I'm trying
to think what else
has happened.
Oh yes,
a small matter of a
football match
where England
turned up.
and were thrashed.
The photo is the local
radar station.
near us.
A much better view
in the same filed

Lots of things to remember this week
Home - Strawberries ripening in the back garden
Norfolk - basking in glorious sunshine
London - No more trips to Paddington Station
England -Qualification to the last 16 in the world cup
UK - A crazy and unfair budget
World - The longest ever tennis match
Universe - Birth of another 2,175 Solar Systems

Lovely place
On a cold, wet windy
June day.
Good job I wasn't wanting to sit on the beach.
But was wanting to stretch my legs for
a few miles
which I did a few times.
The wind nearly blew away
the dreadful memories
or England's dreadful match
on Friday night
which was
But not quite.

OK So now it's time to talk
World cup 20 10
is going well
Some teams have lost
other have won
and most have drawn.
England will win
Yes they will
On Friday
And then the final - here we come.
More importantly
Two more trees down
Two windows painted
Two tips visited
Two more days to the next match
See, can't get it out of my mind.

World Cup
Fourth day of
The Cup
And I've not said

Today I saw
A hare
A weasel
A rabbit
Cygnets a week old I guess
Baby grebes, whatever they are called - also a week old
The hairiest caterpillar
the best bit,
an adder.
Then after the walk saw some friends
and eventually saw a football march
saw a great goal and a great mess up.
Come on Greeno.

Today I bought a hat
how about that
My daughter did laugh
as I walked down that path
But I don't care
On the outside.

Inside I'm sad
and feel quite bad
To make me better
I bought a new sweater

My best buy were socks
I like those lots
No one can see them

Home from Bath
Just got home
from a hot
and sunny
and not at all
I assume it's called Bath
because some
Roman guy
stopped by one day
and decided to have a wash.
As you can see, just like
many other towns
there are trees, cows, a bridge
and if you look very carefully
a bus.
There was also an American who I heard talking about the uneven British pavements.
Maybe he was a lawyer hoping for business.
There were also some Italians in the room next door.
Practising an argument at midnight.
Although I couldn't understand what about - so I
shall assume that the poor bloke wasn't prepared to say
Or didn't know how to.
There was a Malaysian
who cooked me a great Full English Breakfast.
And there was a great pub called the Raven.
You should check it out if you ever get the chance.

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