Home from Bath
Just got home
from a hot
and sunny
and not at all
I assume it's called Bath
because some
Roman guy
stopped by one day
and decided to have a wash.
As you can see, just like
many other towns
there are trees, cows, a bridge
and if you look very carefully
a bus.
There was also an American who I heard talking about the uneven British pavements.
Maybe he was a lawyer hoping for business.
There were also some Italians in the room next door.
Practising an argument at midnight.
Although I couldn't understand what about - so I
shall assume that the poor bloke wasn't prepared to say
Or didn't know how to.
There was a Malaysian
who cooked me a great Full English Breakfast.
And there was a great pub called the Raven.
You should check it out if you ever get the chance.

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