Final New Forest Pictures
Saw these two guys having
a whatever
it is this is called.
Perhaps over the lovely
doe on the left
who seems a little oblivious.

And then saw the swine
wandering through
a muddy bit.
But I heard no news today
to link this with something
So take it at face value.

Snow - I don't think so
I woke up
this morning
to the news telling me
"snow" in Hampshire.
Here is proof
that the news is wrong.
Probably there is
no recession
no credit crunch
What there was in the forest
was deer, horses, cows
and even pigs.
And lots of sun.

The Raven
Is probably the best pub I've been in
deep in the centre of Bath.
Out of a total of
And yes, taking of water
it really does say
"no diving"
from the road 50 metres
above the river
about 2 feet deep.
That really would be
Equally daft
are the banks
still writing to customers
in the midst of deep despair
offering £10,000 loans
to customers who are loaned out
with existing monthly interest payments
about double their
monthly income.
Shame on them.

Can't go to Bath without visiting here

No Diving

Busy Bath

Not sure why such a beautiful city is deserted

maybe the clock change fooled everyone

maybe everyone is in the Abbey

maybe everyone is out celebrating another

Norwich Win

River Avon

Nine Lives
Apparently a cat has nine
So to answer my previous question
and to be honest
it wasn't a question I first asked
but I came across it when studying
Quantum Mechanics
and the possibility of parallel universes
and whether atomic particles are mass, energy, space or time.
Today I had a lovely trip to London
where I learnt that crosswords are not
my forte
and following a lovely trip to Norwich
Enjoyed some local cheeses
"off of the market"
particularly the Binham Blue.

Dead or Alive
Can a cat be dead or alive at the same time?
Answer this question....
A cardboard box has inside a delicate glass container which will easily break if knocked over.
In the glass container is some strong and fatal poison - which would instantly kill a cat.
You put a cat in put in the box, close the lid and leave the room.
You sit in the room next door and ask yourself:
"is the cat dead or alive"
You could argue that the cat is either dead or alive, until you return to the room and open the box.
Hence, logic says, the cat existed in both a dead and an alive state at the same time for a period.

What do you reckon ?

The weekend
I drove a long way
There and back
but had a grand time
in Edale
that's in the Peak District
that's in Derbyshire
To spend time with friends
seeing various Peak Sights
as shown below.

Peak Gateway

Peak Tree Stump

Peak Clouds

Peak Dog

Peak Wall, Tree, Church

Peak Trees

Peak Rocks

Match Fixing
Well I was at the match
At the Centre
of the latest match
fixing scandal
and I would never
has suspected
but it's true to say
I was very
because we gave away a
sloppy goal which
I put down to a mistake
of the highest order
Now I
I shall go and have some Ice Cream
whilst I consider
my verdict.

A Poem
England was a football team
Few opponents held them in high esteem
The puffed and blew
Until this Capello breakthrough
And now we're playing like a dream.

Good News Bad News
Sometimes a day is full of good news and sometimes bad and you know what, sometimes the same news is either good or bad depending on ones frame of mind.
Today was a day where I couldn't decide.
My car was fixed - but I'm broke
My profita rolls were grand - but I'm stuffed
Sales were high - but data is wrong

But now I'm watching a program on TV about Geisha
And the good news is that I'm not one - because I couldn't bear to have a dress pulled so tight around my middle.

I woke up - rather got up - at 7 ish to day , opened my curtains and saw a load of people waiting to tee off from the number 1 tee. A few things struck me:
Why so many people up at Taverham at such and early time
I better put some cloths on
What's with all the uniform, dark trousers, proper black shoes, sweaters or polo shirts. Diamond Checked and tucked in.
Why no ladies
I'm hungry
I'm glad I've got a day with some of my mates from church

And I did have a good day and now I'm home watching England on the TV and in 90 minutes I'm going out for a lovely meal (I hope). Depending on the credit crunch the restaurant will be empty, or it will be my last meal out. Somehow I doubt both.

I read on the train today a whole newspaper which was filled mostly with information about the banking crisis which of course we have all brought on ourselves by borrowing what we couldn't afford and general greed and capitalism - well according to the paper. Then it was filled in another section on the dismal US election. And the remainder was football clubs running out of money.  I can't think when a newspaper was an interesting/depressing/full.

Coming home was much much more enjoyable.

Tomorrow I go all the way back, to talk about 'happy' - should be good.

Here I am, worrying about the price of shares
and such like
and little did I know that
there had been an earthquake in Tibet
killing people
So I feel I need to get some perspective
However, when I switch the news on
in a few minutes
I just know what will be in/on the headlines.
I tried to think of something amusing to say on this blog post.
to lighted the mood.
The only thing I can think of
which didn't amuse me
but might amuse others
is that I was racing on my bike, cutting up the traffic, buses, lorries etc, feeling really cool, when my chain came off - I screeched to a halt, and had to let all buses and things past, whilst I got covered in oil, was late for my tea and got pointed (jeered!) at by passengers on said bus.

Anyway, I should use the car
and I should get it insured so that oil spills and laughter are all ok
and if I get it insured
it with be with Norwich Union Car Insurance
which is the best
this links says it all

Die Hard 4.0
I've seen it before
but forgotten
and saw it last nigh
and it was good
if somewhat unbelievable
Like hackers could really hack into
the FBI
Oh yeah, maybe they could.
it was nearly as good as the Risotto I made
avec lapin.
I had some interesting times in London this past week
Ranging from watching a colleague burst late into an external meeting
bumbling around
and leaving early
Not really company values!
Like sitting opposite a fully veiled lady on the tube.
Like sitting on the tube and hearing about 10 different languages, not one of them English.
And the week wrapped up with another
disaster from Norwich City

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