New Babies
I think we are going
to have some
in the birds nest
which has been built on top of
the satellite dish
over the past few weeks.
I'd like to take it down
but apparently that would be

This is the father.

Talking of fathers...
My daughter is home tonight
And I'm seeing my dad
on Monday
And we are about to enter
Holy week.
Which is mostly about Jesus and Father
but also the Spirit,
often depicted by a dove.
Which brings us full circle
to this collared dove.

Two very different
pairs of birds
same venue
but that's where the similarity

I went out today looking for
something interesting
to take
but that would be stealing
so I decided to shoot instead
but that be murder
so I used the

Two pairs of birds
same venue
but that's where the similarity

Two ways of looking at it today
First, dear or dear, I feel weary, my youngest child is no longer a teenager, I have man flue, grey hairs abound, joints ache, wonder what's on the TV later.
Second, Yay! it's your birthday girl, well done, and I'm sill young and energetic and we can enjoy running out together, this silly sniffle will be gone tomorrow, I'm too busy to watch the TV, I'd rather Skype you and watch you open your presents, what's for tea, any spare birthday cake?

Just like there's two ways at looking at Tiger's golf return next month, it's a cynical attempt to rake in more money, he was never going to take a year or two out. Or. Good work Tiger, you've pulled yourself together and are going to entertain a load of people with some fantastic golf, hope it goes well for you.

Two ways of looking at Norwich City's Football Club rise to the top of the table. You're brilliant lads, well done, or, you're brilliant lads, well done.

Tired as
That's me, tired as
and all I've done is fill up the car with cut hedge
take it to the tip
empty it
times three.
So it's a big car
but even so.
I better get some of those
sleep lessons
that are being offered to young people
in Scotland.
Not that I'm young
or anywhere near Scotland.
Not am I addicted to TV, internet, video games and facebook.
So I'll just switch the light out and drop off
Dreaming about hedges.

Spring is here
I always reckon spring is in the air when I see lambs.
These aren't spring lambs.
But I saw the poor white one amongst the others a couple of year back.
And liked the scene.
But I like lambs better.
Why am I going on about sheep?
Well, there's been a TV about lambs and lambing all week. I've seen 5 minutes of it, and was completely bored. Sheep are not all that interesting really.
Well I saw no lambs today - because once again I was up a ladder cutting hedges.
I must have been doing it wrong though, because about three neighbours all came out and watched, hands on hips. They gave me their verdict.
I am not a good hedge cutter.
Wrong height
Wrong saw
Wrong ladder
Wrong day.
Oh well. At least it was good exercise!

Dark Stuff

So, having watched a couple of shows on TV this week I now consider myself a bit of an expert. Maybe.

This is what I've learnt.

The Big Bang creation of the Universe it not quite as it seems.

If there had been a massive and simple Big Bang, then the Universe would not be so ordered and space would not be roughly the same temperature throughout. So, there was indeed a Big Bang, which lasted a few millionths of a second, then a pause, for another few millionths, and then a rapid and uniform expansion (like a balloon blowing up) again for a few millionths of a second.

And the Universe has been expanding ever since, but much more slowly - but way faster than I can run!

However, we have more problems. Galaxies should not really exist, if you look at their mass and speed of rotation. They would fling stars and matter out of their lovely spiral shape. There must be something holding them together creating extra gravity to keep them all in shape. And that extra 'stuff' is called Dark Matter. Called 'dark' because we can't see it, have no way of detecting it, have no idea what it is. We just know that there must be 5 times more Dark Matter per galaxy than matter we can actual see.

Another problem, the rate of expansion of the Universe should be slowing down, because of the gravity of all the 'stuff' in the Universe. The stuff or 'matter' (galaxies, stars and planets) has gravity and eventually the pull of gravity should begin to overcome the energy created by the Big Bang and reign the expansion back in.

But it's not happening. In fact the rate of expansion of the Universe seems to be speeding up. Added to this, something is holding the Universe into a relatively flat shape as it expands.

How can this be? Well, there's some additional 'energy' in the Universe that is causing this effect. This energy is called Dark Energy. Again, we can't detect or observe it, yet.

I wonder what the implications are of the Universe expanding at an accelerating rate?

But the final thing I learnt is even more perplexing. Dark Flow.

Dark Flow describes a strange observation that shows that galaxies in certain parts of the Universe are flowing or moving or coming together at certain points. Almost as if something 'outside' of the Universe is attracting them, or perhaps even something massive 'inside' the Universe. Personally I like the something 'outside' theory. But what is it? Another Universe maybe ?

Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Dark Flow. Whatever you think of them, observable matter in the known Universe accounts for less than 1% of the matter/energy that must be present to make the Universe possible.

I suspect in a few days I will have forgotten my expert knowledge, or else the theories will be superseded.

YAY !!
I saw one, an otter, out on the river today. After a weekend of looking, walking, waiting, hoping, praying. So, it was too dark for the pictures to come out. But you know I wouldn't lie to you. It was very exciting. Just before the otter, when the sun was still smiling on me, these reeds came into view. Also stunning, but not swimming.

I ache, big time
And that's because I spent all day running up and down a ladder chain saw in hand taking the top ten feet off my 30 foot hedge and maybe next year I'll do the next ten feet assuming that my arms and legs have recovered the chain saw was heavy after a few hours not to begin with when it was like a feather and now I have a huge pile of tree tops and hedge tops and holly and what am I going to do with it all burning would be best but that releases too much carbon dioxide and I wouldn't want to add to global warming it was nice to have warmth today however after a few months of cold and snow and I didn't see any otters today but lots of pigs mostly toy ones as it was in the pigs pub and restaurant to celebrate a friend's big Five O and I have to say it was an ace meal so I am replete as well as aching.

I have a new one.
Started today when I
the ten minutes
to our local Broad and
to a bloke who had
otters that very day.
And then another guy
he's seen them a
few days ago.
So now I have to make the
every day I can until I
for myself.
out for a picture
of a wild local otter
in the new few days !

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