1959 - dad and grandad G

Iraq Enquiry
What a waste of money
Today we could have a viscous dictator still in charge,
attacking his own people with chemical weapons
building nuclear weapons
disappearing anyone in his country who questioned him
escalating an arms race in the Middle East
sponsoring terrorism
presiding over infant mortality of 13%

but instead
we have a panel of bureaucrats
wasting millions of pounds
working out if the minutes of a meeting were written up on the right sort of paper



New iPhone
Seeing as what I haven't got one to play with yet
I've been playing with a website
check it out sometime

The more I see
the more I need.
That can't be true....but you get my meaning. Sat on the tube , the new improved (i.e. slower, less frequent, less reliable) Circle Line, hoping to get to the Liverpool Street in time, I notice that everyone around me is busy on their iPhones. Busy not talking, but busy playing, or texting, or listening, or surfing. I just sit staring into space.
So you see. I do need one. How can I live without one.
The more I see, the more I need
reminds me of a song. One of my favourites at the moment
The more we see, the more we love you.
It starts :
we could try to count the stars, you already know them each by name
your glory shines before our eyes

OK, so I'd LIKE an iPhone

17155 days
I did it, I broke my previous record
which only stood for 24 hours
There's no stopping me now.

Talking of records,
the 108 year old Kings Lynn
who served in World War 1
was a star.
Not only was she a waitress in WW1
but she is still knitting,
or was at 10.32 pm on Look East.

Less than 1 hour
before I
start my
4 dozenth
Still that a lot longer than most people in the world get to.
And they've all been very happy years
which is a bonus.
In fact, all been happy days -
except 18th September 1975
when my French teacher
made me cry.
I will let you know how the day goes
and whether I actually break my record
of days alive.

It Started Today
The training
for the walk
in the summer.
And for good measure
it rained
and was cold.
This is gonna be fun.

Also started today:
The big thaw
The diet
The job hunting
The catching up on recorded TV
The finishing of all Christmas sweets, chocolates, cakes, biscuits and beers.

Secret Ballot
We had one this week.
Shall I drive to Bath and Back
on Saturday
instead of Sunday
I texted all influential
members of the family.
But no one responded
After 6 hours or so
one or two said they could see the sense.
But I had to be the driver
or not.
We needed to decide once and for all
And move on from the unknown.
So we went yesterday
and came back.
Without a Major incident.
Now we can put all the silliness
behind us.

A pleasant surprise - for me! Nothing and then he came, but he soon vanished.

In and about the garden

Called at 7 am
I was
well our house phone was
to say that a school
I don't work at
and nor does Mrs-G
on a Friday
work at
is shut for the day
But I'm not at all grumpy
because I didn't want a lie in
I don't even like lie in's
I'd much rather watch the temperature gauge rise to above freezing
and see the snow puthering
and work out how overdrawn I am
and when I can next buy fuel
for the boiler.

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Yesterday a walk in the snow
Today I had a drive in the snow - to Thetford
Tonight a train in the snow - to London
Tomorrow the tube - hopefully not in the snow as it's underground
Let's hope when I get back it is all gone
So that I can get back out in the garden.

I wonder who has kept their new years resolutions for the first 4 days
I have

2010 New Year - starts with Snow and Sleeping Swans

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