The more I see
the more I need.
That can't be true....but you get my meaning. Sat on the tube , the new improved (i.e. slower, less frequent, less reliable) Circle Line, hoping to get to the Liverpool Street in time, I notice that everyone around me is busy on their iPhones. Busy not talking, but busy playing, or texting, or listening, or surfing. I just sit staring into space.
So you see. I do need one. How can I live without one.
The more I see, the more I need
reminds me of a song. One of my favourites at the moment
The more we see, the more we love you.
It starts :
we could try to count the stars, you already know them each by name
your glory shines before our eyes

OK, so I'd LIKE an iPhone

Me too! (want an iPhone, that is!)

Nice blog you've got, by the way. :-)
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