Sheringham Park
This is the view
from atop of the Gazebo
in the park
looking towards a beach
full of dead
(I think) star fish.
No flowers
on display
in the park though
but some poppies
which were very
My empty nest
is now full, by the way!

Yesterday I went on a trip down to Kent to see something rather special which wasn't the huge Cathedral although that was special and which wasn't the French tourists who were also pretty special and which wasn't a Bishop wearing a fantastic hat but was in fact some special people and one in particular who was being done in the crypt which is a part of the building I don't really understand as it's a bit like a cellar but is quite a cool place to be in both senses of the word and there was something also rather special about the ritual of the ceremony which was cool if somewhat difficult to understand for the uninitiated and then I drove home again and enjoyed being as energy as efficient as possible in a great big gas guzzling car although it did take an hour longer than I might have done the trip a year ago.

Round to it
This last couple of days I've got around to doing things I've put off for ages.
And now wonder
why I put them off
for so long.
The non flushing loo flushes
The non lighting break light lights
The overgrown trees and bushes are shrunk
And I'm not even any poorer.
Now all that needs to happen
is for Spain to beat Italy

Have now finished
the third trip
in three days
to the capital.
Today was,
to be fair,
a little bit lazy.
Wondered around Covent Garden
and bought a map.
Whilst cutting the grass in the evening
I wondered why the grass was in fact
thick and mossy moss.
And wondered why today
was only the first day
I self served in Boots
swiping my own goods, and popping my money in the slot

First of my three
trips to London
this week
Went ok
people next to me
on train
not too smelly
Meetings fairly
Tea lovely
when I got home
Wish I was walking
in the sunshine
somewhere lovely
and somewhere
Watching France
go out
of the football at the mo
which is also great.

The sun was out and so I set sail to sunny Cromer to see the things I pictured below. The previous sunny day was my day on the Broads. In between it's been cold and grey and full of work work work. The only problem with driving to Cromer is that it uses petrol, and there isn't much of it around at the moment because some guys want to earn a load more money whilst driving their big old tankers. And they wont deliver until they get the money. That aside, Cromer was great. The Broads were great.

This one was busing around my garden tonight and so I ran around after it before the sun went down, which was kind of fun. Now it will never die!
Unlike all those poor dolphins that got stranded in Cornwall.
Or those poor ants that were running around my kitchen floor.
The sun's was out all day, which means I'm going on the broads tomorrow - how exciting is that!

Without England
The Euro 2008
Football Championship
Got underway
Minus a notable
Oh well, never mind. It seemed to cope OK and even had a couple of good games on the first day.
Instead I watched a film about a Barber
Who had a knife
and killed a lot of people
It was great.
My big insight of the day is that hot chili is better than hot curry.

Oh Brother!
It's on again
just watched them come in
The Housemates
what a funny old bunch
hopefully I'll forget it's on.

The most exciting things today were
having tea outside in the sun
cycling home with broken bicycle brakes
seeing all the little raspberries on my plants
some great meetings with great people at work

Now I'm preparing to go to London tomorrow.....

It's the first of June
Come round pretty quick eh?
Time is a funny old thing
Apparently 2 definitions from the ancient Greeks
One is the time that is measurable, ticking - chronological.
The other definition is a feeling
when you know somehow, that the time is right.
Sometimes I like the clockwork sort
but I reckon, most of the time I like the
feeling one - the one that tells me
it must be time for supper.

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