Is a lovely city
but dear o dear
what a pain to get out of
like about an hour
and then the M4 and M25
O dear.

But it is lovely.

And I experience it all yesterday.

The day before, my back garden
experienced the first or many
fairly radical
thinning sessions

another 49 to go.

Summer days
To the tune of Greace

Autumn days - feelin' so warm
Maybe cool - when night time draws in
Can't complain, never again
Did you soak up some sun ?
But give us rain, give us rain
Like, we're having a drought
The farmers will whinge
'cos we're having a drought

O well-a well-a well-a

Dig a well dig a well
in case it rains not again

And there I run out of inspiration, but it really is dry and hasn't rained here for a fair few months.....which means with the dry soil I can pull out all those nettles with the root, and so they'll never grow out again - or is that wishful thinking?


The was an old from Norfolk
Who moved to the country, no joke
In the garden he worked
pulling up nettles that lurked
so now his arms sting, poor bloke

In fact, sting is a bit of an
my arms are raging
lesson: do not pull out nettles in the dark.

Was that
the last BBQ of the year
have to play it by ear
and see

Didn't get any
trees chopped down
but gave the hedge
the slightest of hair cuts

But what is maybe more interesting
is today's news
which I haven't seen or heard
so no idea what is going on

don't often eat this
but seeing as what it was
especially flown in
from South America - Argentina
I could hardly refuse
and I must say
it was pretty good
well dome Mr Gaucho.

My train trip to London
was rather spoiled though
by reading about the dreadful goings on
of Trafigura
dumping poison in Africa
just to make a few (million) quid
They should be locked up......

Ten days on......
And the house is still packed up
just that the boxes have been moved
to a new house
Which is good!
after 10 days
have phone line
that works
with internet access
Which is good!
have had no time to catch up on the news
but now have TV up and running
So I will be able to make
some witty insights.
Or not!

Well, this is it

The house is packed.
And after 17 years ad 6 months
I am surrounded by cardboard
I am sad, emotional, happy, excited, nostalgic, nervous and hungry
I am looking forward to lots of visitors

I do not have a phone connected, or email or Internet, or mobile signal.....
so who knows when the next contact will be.....

Post arriving
Usually, mail arriving through the door
isn't all that exciting
or depressing
or amusing.
But today
post arrived two days early
for the new owners
of our ex-home
And that was an interesting emotion.
I wonder if we have any post yet at our new home?
Unlikely as I haven't told anyone the address yet!

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