Tax Returns
They are done
Probably incorrect
but hey
They are done
Need to be audited
Look OK to me
Just the budget for this year to do!
It's 10.30 pm
I'm gonna put my feet up and watch a TV program
"Am I normal"
Ironic ?

The Victoria
Is a hotel/restaurant/pub
at Holkham
North Norfolk
Were we stayed last night
these a few pictures
and some unidentified birds
on the beach
We came home
and watched a fantastic win
by the best team in the world
then I scraped my car
on a gate post
and felt like a nana

The Last Evening
Tonight was effectively the last one, where I saw one of my offspring do something associated with her schooling. A concert. A good concert, at St Andrews Hall. This effectively means that I have moved into a new phase. A phase where I have no more school type events to go to. I've been to loads over the past 20 years. Should I be shedding some tears?

I've begun to realise
And you wont get a prize
If you sussed this
Because there's nothing you miss
That my blog does not comprise
Of poetry anymore
It's no longer hardcore
In fact when I think
and put paper with ink
It's becoming a bore

So I'm gonna try
to get you to slap your thigh
with my humour and wit
if my skills permit
what bliss

So given my sporting activity tonight I'd thought I'd pass on this joke.
What game to elephants like to play most.......


That I have don

I'm not going to write a whole essay on puddings suffice to say that today I had quite a few of them because after a lunch out with 13 friends a few of us ordered a dessert and they included good old sticky toffee sponge ice cream sundae and various other things but because the main course was so good and big there wasn't much room and I do hate to waste so down they went and now I feel pretty full and not all that clever a bit like Norwich City who have got themselves in a bit of bother with only two games to go but never mind.
Also today I tried out a new camera that is really E's which is pretty cool but I'm not really allowed to use it because it's hers and not mine but it so fits in your pocket and mine doesn't so I can see me using it quite a bit over the coming months and today I also forgot to look at my diary for tomorrow and now it's too late so I don't know what I'm doing if it's exciting I might tell you tomorrow when I've done whatever it is I'm doing.

I got this
at Cromer tonight
because the waves were crashing in
and the East wind was blowing
and the tide was high
It did mean I couldn't really
have my chips
on the pier.
But they were good in the
I messed up my diary today
and forgot to be
in the right places
at the right time
meeting the right people
talking about the
right things
All of these were
I did however have the best Japanese
food ever
(almost ever!)
last night
Anyone fancies treating me
I'll happily go again.

Ickworth House

This is in the garden
Which was full
of daffodils
and then this bloke
and his sister
came along
so I thought I'd do a snap.

Golden Weddings are
I have 27 years
before mine.

In case you didn't know
that's why we went to Ickworth.
I also went to Southampton, Bury, Stowmarket and various petrol stations along the way.
I discovered that if I dawdled along at a mere 70 mph, I saved about £10 on a round trip to southampton. Which paid for the KFC!

The assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford
is probably the
film title
and my longest
blog title
in a long time
it was a pretty
long film
and pretty good
it you have
160 spare minutes
but if you should have been doing
the accounts
then maybe
just maybe
you should have watched another day
other things I did today
included going to Japan
in Norwich :-)
and forgetting to go
for a drink with a squash
sorry :-(

bath time
went and came back
long way
but fun
great town
good uni
now just a difficult decision
thankfully not mine
my only decision was
which way to crawl round the M25.
I also thought a bit.
Like why does the price of petrol vary across the country by 10%
like why do I listen to the same news dozens of times
like why didn't I slow down for those flashing yellow boxes on the side of the road

work again
today was a monday after a holiday week so it meant work which meant: golly like i've been away and forgot it all and like i don't know what i should be doing. but it wasn't really like that, as i didn't have time to think about what i was doing because from 9 onwards i was in meetings all day and so it didn't matter i did manage to make my own sandwiches which comprised dry bread and a thin scrapping of peanut butter but i'm hopping tomorrow i will revert back to yummy cheese and tomato job and i'm also rather hoping that i'll get some time tomorrow not least because i need to buy something to clean the new tv which i haven't mentioned in my blog in case anyone gets too jealous.

Blue Tit Yellow Ball
These pics from
my garden today
I assume collecting the 'fluff'
off a fairly new
tennis ball
to line her nest.
I assume she's a she
but I really wouldn't know
There's probably a moral
in these pictures....
All I want to know is how the balls arrived
on my lawn.
Did they fall from the sky
I rise from the ground
or were they dropped by
an even bigger bird?

Is a lovely place
although for most of the time
I wasn't sat on the beach
because we were behind
10 foot high
barbed wire
But that didn't matter
because if I had been sat on the beach
I would have frozen to death
For those interested in traffic
it took me 30 mins to q
up at Sutton Bridge.
The only road into Norfolk from the North/East
which the highways agency
thought would be good to close.
For those interested in Skegness ice cream
it was 90 pence.
And for those interested the Spring Harvest
it was great.
I sang a lot, read a lot, learnt a lot, and have come away blessed a lot.

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