work again
today was a monday after a holiday week so it meant work which meant: golly like i've been away and forgot it all and like i don't know what i should be doing. but it wasn't really like that, as i didn't have time to think about what i was doing because from 9 onwards i was in meetings all day and so it didn't matter i did manage to make my own sandwiches which comprised dry bread and a thin scrapping of peanut butter but i'm hopping tomorrow i will revert back to yummy cheese and tomato job and i'm also rather hoping that i'll get some time tomorrow not least because i need to buy something to clean the new tv which i haven't mentioned in my blog in case anyone gets too jealous.

now that you've finally 'come out' and mentioned the TV I think its time to invite us all round to watch something on the blue ray in HD - we'll bring the popcorn - or even bring the popping corn and make it!
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