busy busy busy
at work at home at church
but hey, that's ok
one day soon I'll have nothing to do
and that would be sad
except I could grow vegetables, walk the dog
and practice my canoe
this weekend was a camp trip,
in thetford forest
with sunshine
and today
was mostly drinking, eating and playing
treasure hunt
so you see
really busy busy busy

Graduation and Election

The pics speak for themselves

Tonight I went to some hustings to hear the 5 candidates for the new MP for Norwich North speak for themselves. Tomorrow I need/have/want to vote.
All 5 were good, and answered questions well, all seemed nice enough and all appeared to be in the race for genuine caring reasons, all promised not to claims expenses unlawfully. Difficult decision, maybe

Are so splendid
When sizzled on the bbq
with tomato source
and a pint.
Kettle chips are
also pretty good
with a pint.
Cheese and pickle
also good with a pint.
In fact, everything.
I tried as many combinations as I could today.
In-between doing the gardening
playing the fiddle
counting pennies.
Now I'm settling down to watch lord of the rings

By Election

We have an election in a couple of weeks for a new MP. It's all very difficult and I have no idea yet who to vote for.....I'm beginning to get a small rain forest (is that a rain wood) through the letter box but it's not really helping much.

Talking of rain, have you noticed how the weather forecasters have started showing the jet stream. Really cool by pretty meaningless.

Talking of pretty - I almost bought a very pretty tie today - but then decided it would be a complete waste of money.

Talking of money, I carried £40 worth of coppers to the bank - almost broke my back.

Talking of back, Paul McVeigh might be playing for the City again in a few weeks - as we rebuild our club to the premiership side it deserves to be

Talking of to or not, to be. Went to the theatre last night - really good play about deception.

Talking of deception, I wonder how much today's blog was/is true.

Is there going to be a happy ending to any of my lines .......
Today I carried £40 worth of 1p's into the bank and ...
Today a number of people left the office with suspected swine flu and ...
Today we are looking after someone else's toddler and ...
Today the Aussies started putting on the runs and ...
Today someone else came to view the property and ...

The truth is they could all be happy, of sad........ it's not the event or line but it's how I feel about the outcome....

Today I tried to be profound and ...


couldn't let the week pass with a mention
of this man

now we can put all that to rest
and concentrate on the cricket.

Continuing Heat Wave
now almost a week old.
how about that
reminds me a bit
(only a bit)
of a new word I learnt this week
It's a word for the new trend
of always been connected into the grid
i.e always on line, always sharing, always tweeting and letting people know every movement, always on the blog, the forums, always loading up images of themselves, and videos, always in a text conversation .
Or put another way, always in an open conversation which is always active and always on the move, never ending

Heat Wave
I thought I'd better
put it on record
that it was hot today.
I love the heat;
crammed on the tube
walking the streets of London
in a meeting room
talking talking talking
There is no way I'd have wanted
to be on the beach
enjoying a dip in the sea
with a cold beer
relaxing with friends.

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