Interesting View
Of Kate Moss
Made out of all gold.
On display
in the British Museum
Where I also saw
Plenty of other stuff
most of which we the British
have nicked
over the
Also this weekend
saw great show
Billy the Dancer
and concert
where one poor performer
sat patiently on stage
for 90 minutes
to crash his symbols
just the once.
Good job he didn't miss
his queue.

London Sites

Won Again
Good ol' Norwich City
won the 2nd half 1-0
what a pity
we lost the first half 0-2.

Talking of winning
I won the race cycling up the hill
home today
against a poor old girl
who didn't know she was racing.

Didn't win the battle
over my self control
whilst following a queue of traffic
on Sunday
in the snow
travelling at about 15 miles per hour
I almost swore.

Since I last wrote on this blog
a whole 4 days ago
We have had tax cuts
or are they rises?
Who really knows
I suspect I will be worse off
so therefore I guess they are
tax rises
I don't understand
but as someone said to me recently
understanding is over-rated.

Summer's definitely over.
Short supply
Seasonal Sales
Shops suffering
Spend spend spend
Squash playing
Shape becoming
Swollen or else

I have lots
Lots of things
to write about
on my blog
Lots of emails
to send
Lots of leaves
to sweep up
from the 'lawn'
Lots of DIY
to do.

So tonight I'm going to write about pirates
having seen the huge super fantastic oil tanker
get pirated.
Pirates have been around for ages
if it wasn't for pirates
we wouldn't have decent music radio
we wouldn't have music downloads
we wouldn't have security systems
we would have Jonny Depp

To compete with pirates
you can't just sit back and complain
you have to join them at their own game
and be better at it.

So there!

They were edible
The Mushrooms.
I am still
alive and

Imagine yourself entering a store
in a rough part of town
Wanting to buy some beer.
On the door is a notice
'beware of the dog'
You enter, slightly worried
but convince yourself it will be
all right.
You look around the store.
As you walk up to the counter you
do indeed see a dog
but it looks very old and weary
you relax and say to the guy behind the counter
'What's with the sign? the dog looks pretty harmless!'
He says 'yeah,
before I had the sign everyone used to
trip over him
so I put up the sign
and now no-one trips.
It's great.'

Things aren't always what the seem........

Three Two One
and then we will be out
of the league
what a poor old show
norwich city lost three two
and although it was fun
and end to end
and lots of goals
and entertaining
it was grim
Oh well
At least I could spend the morning in
and primark
and woolworths
buying goodies for shoe boxes
and wow, how busy were these
places I thought there
was a recession
funnily enough
john lewis, house of fraser
were deserted
wonder why that was.....
Tonight I made the best
maybe the second best I've ever had
with wild, exotic
and hopefully edible

Yesterday I was told:
"Eat well, move more, live longer"
Today I was rung up by the National Health Service
asking how much I drank and smoked
and home much fruit I ate.
Tomorrow I will sit on a train
and eat chocolate.
So much for advice......

I always pass on good advice. It's the only thing to do with it. It is never any use to myself.

When someone comes to me for advice, I find out the kind of advice they want, and I go right ahead and give it them.

Of course, a good example has twice the value of good advice.

Last thought : the best way to succeed in life is to act on the advice we give to others.

They shall grow not old,
As we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them,
Nor the years condemn,
At the going down of the sun
And in the morning
We will remember them.

Topic Maintenance
This is a subject that I'm working hard on today having been given some feed back.....actually my back hurts a little along with my legs because I ran back from Silver Road last night but saw no fireworks. Work is good at the moment. Had a trip to London yesterday and had the pleasure of meeting a great bunch of people maybe not as good as the people waiting for me when I got back to Norwich! The paper had some great stuff in and I haven't talked about the guy who is 50% white winning the election, nor the 1.5% drop in interest rates which probably wont help my mortgage repayments at all. Had a great panettone this morning. I think Man Utd should beat Arsenal. Started watching I am Legend, well 5 mins worth, and will watch the rest later. Looking forward to the 6 different cheeses I bought for tea. So, back to 'topic maintenance'.......

Norwich City in bad form
My squash - very bad form
because I have not played for three months
and my belt is really beginning to feel it.
I spent 2 hours tonight filling in a complex form
I can't remember which form I was in at school
BBC in good form showing the US election results rolling in
which I'm watching right now
but I can't possibly stay up too much longer
or else I'll fa.......zzzz

Slightly Worried
It's been in the news for almost two years now
And this Tuesday it happens
The Election
of the next president of the USA
But that's not I'm worried about
What scares me
is that the election happens
and then
we have 12 weeks
up until the 20th Jan
for a certain Gentleman
to remain in charge
Unaccountable to no man or woman.

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