Flower Power - this in my garden today....wow ee

half way
well right now I am half way through a three day course.
I have learnt that:
I don't want to live near a motorway
I do prefer home cooking
I don't know much about group pensions
I do think free broadband access for everyone is essential

I'm also half way (ish) to Bath
which is fab

and half way to
achieving my January targets
(yeah, I know it's half way through March!)

Grave yard daffs
in the sun
in Norfolk
at the weekend
looking grand
new spring life amongst the not so new!

ham, bree, bread, pork, beef, potato, crumble, mash, red wine, meringue, pineapple, beer, coffee, hobnob, rose wine, cream tea, scone, toast, carrot, fizz, sprout,
and about half a stone added in weight
all makes for a lovely weekend

Little pigs - seen today, just prior to pork casserole

Today I took a look
at the new feature on google
where you can wander
up and down streets in your city, town
(assuming the pics have been taken)
and look at real photos all the way up the street,
and spin round 360 to see both sides.
Really cool
well done Mr google
pity you charge me so much to advertise on your search engine.
I quickly looked up and down
all the streets I may have been on
to check I wasn't included
in any incriminating situations
So far I've not found any
so I can relax!

Today I thought
because it's sunny
that I'd share with you
a warm and meaningful thought
about something that is very
dear to me
it started with a walk to work
in the sun of course
'cos I left my bike there all weekend
and half-way along the walk
I got to the half way point
looked up and thought
and that's when I had my thought
And I was happy.
Oh yes,
almost forget.
The thought was
as I looked up
"Wow, the first Roman road build in the UK was the A5"


Today is the 12th
Which means that the day after
the day after tomorrow
is the 15th
And the Ides of March
was when Julius Caesar
was brutally murdered.

that means I have to be
very careful
for three days
just in case
history repeats itself.

There is hope
In lots on senses of the word.
first, and foremost, is the obvious hope
in the one true God.
Then, there are Norwich City supporters
who, tonight
have hope that we will not be relegated
and I too have that hope
after a brilliant victory.
Then the is the hope I have
that tomorrow I'll hit the sales target
and that I wont spend another £1.95
on a latte coffee from Pret.
All I have to do now is figure
what to do with my saved

I have green fence panels again
I also have green paint on my fingers.
However, that's not a problem.
Norwich have a problem
they are going down, the men in green.
I have eaten no greens today
but have had a green apple
so I'm feeling very healthy.
No other green stories tonight.

I almost laughed out loud
but I didn't
because it wasn't even funny
when the train lurched out of Ipswich Station
and the guy who had just got on
watched as he cup of steaming coffee
fell into his lap.
If he hadn't been texting, it may not have happened.
Can't say the same for the guys
who text whilst driving
These guys should be locked up.
I definitely didn't laugh out loud
when I saw the share value
of my company
tumble tumble tumble today.
Maybe tomorrow it will rise rise rise.
And maybe so high that it bumps into some flying pigs.

Exciting Days
Well, moderately! Started off reasonably enough meeting three Polish guys at work. Could understand them, couldn't understand how they could speak my language so well, and probably three others, whereas I'm limited to just the one language. Excitement progresses to getting a hair cut, well 9,326 hairs.The we saved a load of money with the solicitor. Great job. Thank you. Still more excitement. My weather clock showed the lowest air pressure yet, at 985. I thought it was stuck on 1009. And now the wind is blowing, which always makes me excited. The final exciting is that my football team have got to half time without conceding a goal. How exciting is that.

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