Stiffkey Marches
Today had a great walk in north Norfolk. Great because the sun shone, great because it delayed the inevitable appalling and dismal Norwich City loss. But the best thing was the home made apple pie at the Wells Deli, which was superb. Talking off apples, I also bought some local cider from the car park at Wells, which no doubt I will enjoy all the more because I had to carry it back 4 miles!

That's me.
Today I rushed
in the
jumped into the
and went out for a couple of
The Galaxy was in the
of the
when I got back.
With other cars
winding round it.
Forgot to put the
hand-brake on
What a numpty.
No damage done.
Other than another
nail in my coffin.

Two of a kind
I have cycled to work for two days on the trot, that means in succession, not sure where the word trot comes from. This means that I am now officially fit, lean and athletic looking again.
I have had two free-ish evenings on the trot too, and have caught two football matches. These means I am now officially qualified to manage Chelsea FC.
I'm off to a second University in the morning, but not to study, to look. This means that I will now be able to advice my lovely daughter and her whole future.
I'm about to vote in my second general election this century, in a couple of months, because I'm sure we will have a snap one soon. I'm not sure why 'snap' which as a word is about as useful at 'trot'. But snap can mean to act or move with quick or abrupt 'motions' - which possibly means that politicians all have a bit of verbal diarrhoea.

Good catch

I wish I had
taken this.
But I didn't.
It's great.
The picture.
But also the
is great.
I'm sure that
there is
something profound
in this picture.
But I can't
think what.


Today I druv from Naaridge to Loose-tarfed along the Aircal straight in me muutah car. I stopped wuk early s'artanoom so I cud do suffin in Loose-tarfed and I didn't wanna get cooin behind a traaacta.

Reckon I'll switch back to Queen's English.

So why do you think I went to Lowestoft?
Was it to buy some cod and chips? No
Was it to go to Pleasurewood Hills? No
Was it to enjoy the graffiti and urine smell in the multi storey? No
Was it to watch the gas refineries on the horizon? No
Was it to watch and listen to the RPO? Yes, Yes, Yes

Is RPO a lecture on Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Yes, but No.
Is RPO Right Posture Oblique in radio therapy. Yes, but No.
Is RPO The Redundancy Payment Office. Yes, but No.
Is RPO the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Yes, Yes, Yes

And it was fantastic.

And they played the National Anthem, so I had to be upstanding. and think of the Queen and her English.

Still no fox

I haven't spotted it yet
The fox which isn't a pet
Maybe I'm just too loud
Or perhaps the fox is plain proud.

I haven't sussed out traffic yet
So once more I just sit and sweat
Two motorways on the way the Bath
Almost stopped us learning about math.

I haven't withdrawn my money yet
I'll probably just forget
That the bank could go bust
So in the building society I'll trust.

I haven't finished this blog entry yet
now I have.

Sunday Lunch

This is where
we had lunch today
the pub over the fields
by the river
Woods End
very nice
and of course we saw the ducks
but had no bread
to feed them
but if we had had bread
would we have woken them ?

Keeping an eye on her sleeping sisters

For those interested
PH is phonetic heresy
V is very virtuous
N is no good

That's why I spell my name like I do.

I went to the Library tonight.
It was really most alright
No book did I read
But I satisfied my greed
With mixed grill, getting a definite green light.

I've done a bit
this week
From Scotland
to Surrey
From happy
to sad
From alert
to tired
From office
to office.
I came a cross
a few things
I didn't understand.
Like :
why do Scottish men were kilts
why do Flybe cancel flights 10 minutes before take off
(not mine fortunately, but about 73 people going to Birmingham)
why do my eyes look heavy and want to shut all the time
why does one office smell of curry, the other of sweat and grime
why is there an hour long stand still on the M23, at 11.00 pm with thousands of cars
(yes, me !!)
Maybe I'll have to do some more
to find the answers.

We have a fox
well, the neigbour does.
Saw it yesterday
and today.
So therefore it must live in the wildness
which is next door's garden
which hasn't been maintained in any way for about
ten years.
I keep going out with my camera
but he keeps avoiding me.
Must be shy.
So I borrowed a picture
until I can get one.
I'm determined
just like he is determined to avoid me.

We also have a spider.
He built his web last night, linking the back door to the one of the chairs outside. Very clever. I saw it, admired the web, then forgot and walked straight in the thing. I now have spiders web hair and acknowledge that my memo is very short.

One thing I like attempting is taking good photographs not sure why because I'm often disappointed but if one turns out ok that I feel quite happy and show it off to any friends who will listen and not be too bored I like friends too and some are good and some are more acquaintances and often we'll have a cup of tea or even coffee if they like coffee and some don't but that's fine it's sometimes a shame if you want a chat with a friend and other friends or whatever are with you and you end up not saying the things that you wanted too but if they are real good friends then that doesn't really matter because it's not all about an agenda its rather all about being facebook is supposedly all about friends I have quite a few listed on the site but many of them I never speak to for weeks if ever so why did they invite me to be a friend maybe just to boost their numbers to feel good about themselves what is good about facebook is that you can see lots of photographs of the said friend and their friends that you'd never normally see and then you get some good ideas.

English Scenes
one I was in today
one I saw the day before
leave you to guess

I heard a certain Harry
say this weekend
that his mum was the best in the world
I reckon we could all say that
about our mum's
why is the country
going down the pan?

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