Two of a kind
I have cycled to work for two days on the trot, that means in succession, not sure where the word trot comes from. This means that I am now officially fit, lean and athletic looking again.
I have had two free-ish evenings on the trot too, and have caught two football matches. These means I am now officially qualified to manage Chelsea FC.
I'm off to a second University in the morning, but not to study, to look. This means that I will now be able to advice my lovely daughter and her whole future.
I'm about to vote in my second general election this century, in a couple of months, because I'm sure we will have a snap one soon. I'm not sure why 'snap' which as a word is about as useful at 'trot'. But snap can mean to act or move with quick or abrupt 'motions' - which possibly means that politicians all have a bit of verbal diarrhoea.

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