Lazy Days

So, I said confidently, last game of the season, bound to win. I'm talking football club, the ones who I've spent a whole load of money with buying next season's season ticket. And have you noticed that I say 'so' quite a lot, I'm going to have to stop. So did we win? No. Pretty poor performance. We did wait after the match for the end of season parade around the ground. About 40% of us waited. Pretty poor. And the parade was an amble by a few over paid and worn out footballers, and their wives. Rubbish all round. Still, next season we're going to win, win, win.

So, it's quite easy to get down about things in general. Politics. Football. Wayne Rooney. Royal Family. Racism. Bird Flu. Global warming. Nuclear Weapons. Iran. Morality - the lack of, generally. Etc Etc. Today I found out all about leprosy. Such a stigma, in the past, and still today. Just a simple little virus that can be easily cured. But families and friends of those who are ill think it a curse, hide it away, and then it gets bad, nerves die, feeling goes, injury happens, etc etc. All need not happen. It's not a curse, it's easy to cure. Thank the Lord for the Leprosy Mission who try and do something about it. Thank the Lord that some people get off their fat backsides and do something to make a difference.

Yeah, my backside is pretty fat.


Can be a thing of beauty
Columbus, I think
Chasing across the blue sky
Covering the top of Blickling

Green grass too
Gravel, clearly, not so good to stand on
Good place for photos
Got to click on my photos now

(as you always should when I have one on the main page)

I'm still puffing

Should have been warned
Quietly, whispered in my ear
Usually I take more points
And that means I win
So today I didn't
He was a coach

Someday I'll get him back
Quite possible I think
Unless he was toying with me today
And that means I'll lose
So much for invincibility
He was a coach though


Today I stayed in Norwich
Yesterday London
The day before Ipswich

So it got better as the week went by
Although Ipswich meant a trip to see family
Who are relatively close by
So that was good

Back home I tried to explain something to my girl
Clever dad I thought
She didn't get it at first
So I explained again and again and again.
Eventually I was informed that
Just repeating the explanation, only loader
Isn't going to help

No so clever Dad.

Finally: John Prescott
You silly silly 67 year old so called clever man
You better start doing some explaining to your girl.

Lost or Found

I read a poem today......I thought it worth repeating it for you:

An angel sang for joy today
A living soul, found

An angel shed a tear today
Heart breaking
A dying soul, lost

God's tears falling
God's heart breaking
Over the lost not found

I'm only a cat

I'm only a cat,
just look at my face.
Up there on your chair,
on your bed - it's my place!

I'm only a cat,
and we'll get along fine.
As long as you know
I'm not yours... you're all mine!

God save the Queen

Today the Queen was eighty.
I too had some people for tea.
(not literally)

I bet I had more fun.
Apart from the little taxi trip in the middle to Bowthorpe
Which was fine
But I missed out on seconds of pudding.
(ps, I don't really bet)

There were loads of new houses
(at Bowthorpe)
I had no idea.
Some quite close the river

Why do people care about the old dear.
Why do people build on flood plains
Why do I like pudding

Why oh why oh why?

I think I might find out about my job next week.
Maybe then I will also be asking why oh why oh why?

Blu-Ray Confusion

Today I enjoyed a few things.
And didn't enjoy some other things.
And also got confused.

I didn't enjoy being 'alone in the office' for quite a while.
Alone of course is figurative.
There were about 3,000 other people about!
But alone I felt.
I didn't enjoy cycling home in the drizzle without my waterproof either.
I didn't enjoy finding out that someone hadn't told me the whole truth - intentionally.
(In case you're worrying, it wasn't you).

But I did enjoy listening to my ipod whilst working alone.
And I met a couple of new people.
And best of all, I enjoyed eating my Rhubarb yogurt.
The good things about it were:
It was 'bio'.
That means it will make me live longer.
And the manufacturer had put all the labels on upside down.
So in fact I was eating brabuhR.
I also enjoyed eating my Cheerio's this morning,
Wondering if they were really doughnut seeds.

I was confused about High Definition DVD disks.
And why the manufacturers can't agree on a format.
Because I don't know which to invest in.
I think the Blu-Ray option is most appealing
(only because of the name).
But I haven't a clue.


Today we were two nothing down.
That means we were loosing.
The crowd were baying for blood
Tears fell in some quarters.
Turning on the manger with booing.
Time left - fifteen minutes.
Team pulled one back.
Then another.
Thoughts raced in disbelief.
Tables turned.
Three two !
Thumbs up to the manager.


My photos

Check out the link on the right .
I'll try and keep this going with one a week, or so....

Good Saturday

After Good Friday, another good day, another wedding.
Oh happy day, oh happy day......

Good Friday

It was a good Friday today.

Good because it was a day off work and I was able to take a long walk on the mud . This time in good old North Norfolk.

I thought the anchor was cool, although not doing a load of good at this point in time.

'The' anchor, or my 'anchor', did something fantastic on Good Friday.

I'm Back

Via a couple of traffic jams, and a long short cut.

All is well.


Understood a smidge more about our Creating, Universal, Human Sovereign.
Still a long way to go though.

I'm Off

So, I'm off
Phew, some might say
Really though
In the scheme of things
Not far and
Going to come back.

Have a good time
All you who are still working
Very important
Easter is around the corner
Sun is sure to arrive too
Try reading the letters on the left, then you'll know where I am.

Deckchairs and the Titanic
I know I shouldn't
and you've all told me so many times
but sometimes it can't be helped.

I've been thinking.

I've not been thinking about bird flu in Scotland
nor goggle censored search results in China
nor loans to political parties
not even the morals of Desperate Housewives
(the TV program, not my friends).

I've been thinking about company restructures
merging of companies
and merging of departments within companies
about how important it is to have mates
in high places.

About what it would be like if your job just disappeared over night
or you boss changes
or maybe both these things at the same time!

Yep, you guessed.

It's happened again. Poor old billy-no-mates.

Oil on Canvas
A new picture
Now mine
By a friend
Anyone can buy one
If you like them.

(if you don't know
neither of these fine people are me!
I don't wear cravats
nor do I look gorgeous)

Spring - for sure

I got up quite early
for once
I think because the sun was shining in.

I could also hear blackbirds
or something.

I looked out at the garden
saw the sun
saw this bird
definitely a black bird.

My spirit was lifted
It's Spring - for sure.

Looked away.

Looked back - a second bird
a second blackbird.

They fought
feathers everywhere
squawking too.

Oh dear.

Had porridge - it is Saturday!

Now it's pouring down
plus hail
wet cat's come in
mud on new sofa.

Spring didn't last long.

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