Deckchairs and the Titanic
I know I shouldn't
and you've all told me so many times
but sometimes it can't be helped.

I've been thinking.

I've not been thinking about bird flu in Scotland
nor goggle censored search results in China
nor loans to political parties
not even the morals of Desperate Housewives
(the TV program, not my friends).

I've been thinking about company restructures
merging of companies
and merging of departments within companies
about how important it is to have mates
in high places.

About what it would be like if your job just disappeared over night
or you boss changes
or maybe both these things at the same time!

Yep, you guessed.

It's happened again. Poor old billy-no-mates.

You are a clever bloke Steve- do you know why companies do this? I know you've been through it several times but this is the first time for me. Who knows where I could end up? Yarmouth, Kings Lyn, Sheringham...I'm quite looking forward to exploring the county. And as far as mates are concerned, you've got one in a very high up place. I'm sure He won't allow nasty stuff to happen to you.
yeah, you're right of course. and a very high up place. thanks
We're your mates too. Not that we have any influence at your work! That still means your Billy-some-mates or even Bill-lots of-mates!
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