Time for a joke

A blond, a brunette, and a redhead were trying out for a new
NASA experiment on sending women to different planets.

First, they called the brunette in and asked her a question.
"If you could go to any planet, what planet would you want to
go to and why?" After pondering the question she answered, "I
would like to go to Mars because it seems so interesting with
all the recent news about possible extra terrestrial life on
the planet." They said "well okay, thank you." And told her
that they would get back to her.

Next, the redhead entered the room and the NASA people asked
her the same question. In reply, "I would like to go to Saturn
to see all of its rings." Again, "thank you" and they would get
back to her.

Finally, the blond entered the room and they asked her the same
question they asked the brunette and the redhead. She thought
for a while and replied, "I would like to go to the sun."

The people from NASA replied, "don't you know that if you
went to the sun you would burn to death?"

The blond smirked and put her hands on her hips. "Boy, are you
guys dumb. I'd go at night!"

Please understand I have nothing against blonds, but I just wanted to smile!
Today the sun in fact did not shine much
And today I started my new job......and couldn't get away from work on time
but, currently, I don't mind!

Wednesday 28th November
A famous day
in history
or not
But a day when I
and out of the blue
knew that I had
a job
for a while at least
and the world seems a much rosier
But I have some
who could well be
pretty soon
and that's a grim bit of news
for me
maybe not for them,
'cos I'll miss them


Otherwise know as
the 'fear of long words'
which at 4 syllables is
a quarter the number as the
longer official word has.

I learnt other stuff today too.
Like a good Sunday Roast
is fantastic
And like the price of Petrol
is far to high.

I wonder of there is a phobia
of not having a Sunday Roast

Black n White

Something funny about writing a colour in the wrong colour, like saying this is red.
Is it?

Anyway, went to take pictures today with two pals. It was dark and damp and dismal, so I switched to monochrome, and these are some of the results. I learnt lots and so have disposed of about 207 pictures - which is probably more memory than the first computer.

I wonder how much memory is put in the recycle bin every day.
Wish I could do it with my own head sometimes.
At least Norwich recalled how to pass the ball today - typical that I wasn't there :-(

Today I found myself in the middle or Norwich watching a march past by the heroes otherwise known as the First Battalion the Royal Anglian Regiment. I noted that the crowd, whilst large and on the National News, was not so large as when Norwich won promotion to the Premiership. As the guys passed by in a rather grand formation and with a splendid band blasting away, I had a slight tear, and gave them a clap. There were cheers and flag waving. Old warriors with medals and crutches. Cameras. Well done chaps. But then I had to hide because I didn't want anyone to take my picture, and I didn't want anyone to know I was there.

Something funny
I'm trying to think of something
funny to say
about England being knocked out
of Euro 2008
but I can't.
Words which spring to mind are
bitter, blue,
dejected, depressed
calamitous, wretched, despondent, disconsolate
forlorn, gloomy, shabby, glum
hapless, weeping.

So - all I can say is:
Steve McLaren was wheeling his shopping trolley across the supermarket car park when he noticed an old lady struggling with her bags of shopping. He stopped and asked, "Can you manage dear?" to which the old lady replied, "no way you got yourself into this mess, don't ask me to sort it out!"

Number 42

Who would have thought England would be thrown a lifeline by Israel
and poor Scotland, who showed far more spirit
were booted out by Italy

I guess life isn't fair sometimes, in the world of football

Of course everywhere else it is totally fair


Like, why don't I know if I have a job yet
Like why does Bangladesh get flooded again
Like why to 5 people die of aids every minute
Like why did the hedgehog get squashed outside my house last night

I'm on a diet of tears—
tears for breakfast, tears for supper.
All day long
people knock at my door,
"Where is this God of yours?"

Why are you down in the dumps, dear soul?
Why are you crying the blues?
Fix my eyes on God—
soon I'll be praising again.
He puts a smile on my face.
He's my God.

Which is far more important than a job.

Dear old ladies
who are used to
their afternoon tot of gin
were struggling when in Hospital
until they discovered
the hand cleaning alcohol
at the ward entrance.
It was certainly
giving a bit of kick
to their afternoon tea.
Doctors have had
the words changed
on the dispensers
to hand sanitizers.
which doesn't sound
so appealing I guess.

I actually believe this story
because it came from a very
reliable lady.

The in crowd
I was reading an interesting article today about the in crowd. That's the group that call themselves 'we' rather than 'them', which is what the people outside of that inner ring might call them. Deep down most of us, the article suggests, want to be in 'in' rather than 'out'.Trouble is, when you get in, there is another more exclusive in, and another. Rather than striving to get in, we actually get real satisfaction from being just us. Striving to get in usually means somewhere along the line we compromise or maybe act in a rather dodgy kind way or maybe ride rough shot over someone to exit our outer ring of no hopers and none cool people. So the inner circle is perhaps full of not so nice people anyway. So being in the in crowd isn't necessarily a great place to be and is a road that leads to dissatisfaction. Rather stay out and stay real and stay genuine and stay you.
I might not have remembered it very well.
In which case don't think about it too hard, instead wonder if there will be any turkeys available at Christmas.

Please do come on you yellows

How can you appreciate
an artist choice of colour
on a painting
until it's placed next to
some others.

How can you appreciate
a musicians skill
until he's stood before you
guitar in hand
and sung a song

How can you appreciate
the feeling of love
until you have loved
and your heart's gone mad
and spun and leapt

How can you appreciate
how great Norwich City are
until they've played football.
They may be good
who knows, they've yet to try.

that we're not flooded out in east anglia (it was close)
that I didn't lose at squash (it was close)
that I didn't get lost on the way to cantly (it was close)
the shoe boxes are nearly finished and I can get into my room (it was close)

and just so you know, no relief yet on the job front. still have over 2 weeks to wait

Sometimes I write something on my blog which begins to get a bit meaningless when no punctuation is included and today I have to mention a few things that might also be meaningless to some people or irrelevant or disappointing like for example the lack of another football win for my favourite team who one finds it's does that count as punctuation I wonder harder and harder to keep feeling positive about a bit like a job of work which gets a bit depressing when one keeps banging on about the same thing and no one does anything to make it better and I learnt today and yesterday about people who keep messing up their lives and I too often mess up but hopefully not my whole life just act a bit dumb and threaten a lovely friendship which of course is one of the best things about work and life I mean friendships where would we be without them and where would we be without crazy laws like the one that says it is illegal to die in the houses of parliament I must remember that one next time when visiting london which is only a couple weeks ago to see a concert which will be really great so long as I do not keel over

Fox update
I thought I'd put you in the picture about the fox in the neighbour's garden.
I've still not managed to get a picture or another sighting
In fact it might not even be there anymore
So, I have officially given up my fox hunt.
Instead I shall contemplate whether or not we should take affirmative action and positive discrimination to make good the injustices of past discrimination.
Following that, I shall try and get my head around the owner of UK clothes shop TopShop Mr Green. whose £1.2 billion dividend this year was enough to double the salaries of Cambodian’s whole garment workforce for eight years.

304 pints of Adnams

In May my garage door broke.
I couldn't mend it.
I looked for someone to repair it
on the Internet.
I couldn't find anyone.
It was the cables and spring mechanism.
I resigned myself to having to buy a new one
at around £800
and was looking forward to remote control.
So I could drive up, press the button and drive in
without getting out, or wet
if it was raining
But I have to get out and pull back the wing mirrors
because it's a wide car
or else a narrow door.
I guess the remote wasn't such
a great idea.
This week I found a repair man
£70 for a complete service and repair
It's great - the repair and now the garage door.
So I saved £730.
What to spend it on
is now my only question.

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