Sometimes I write something on my blog which begins to get a bit meaningless when no punctuation is included and today I have to mention a few things that might also be meaningless to some people or irrelevant or disappointing like for example the lack of another football win for my favourite team who one finds it's does that count as punctuation I wonder harder and harder to keep feeling positive about a bit like a job of work which gets a bit depressing when one keeps banging on about the same thing and no one does anything to make it better and I learnt today and yesterday about people who keep messing up their lives and I too often mess up but hopefully not my whole life just act a bit dumb and threaten a lovely friendship which of course is one of the best things about work and life I mean friendships where would we be without them and where would we be without crazy laws like the one that says it is illegal to die in the houses of parliament I must remember that one next time when visiting london which is only a couple weeks ago to see a concert which will be really great so long as I do not keel over

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