Today I was particularly pleased with myself for making the bed. More than just throwing a duvet, it involved spanners, screwdrivers, a hammer and quite a lot of thinking to follow some very simple instructions. If I wake up in a heap in a few hours time, I will know I did it wrong. Also on the agenda today was more drilling of holes in the walls - always a bit scary in case I hit a cable or pipe.
Alas too much to do in the house to spend any time in the garden today, although a bit of the garden came in the house when I opened the door and a minor gale blew in a load of leaves. Don't tell Mrs G.

Slaughter of Cattle
Today I have not
been attending the slaughter of 250,000 buffalo in Nepal as past of once in every 5 years Hindu festival
nor have I been crashing some parties in the Whitehouse
nor have I been holding the world cup as it passes through Zimbabwe

and therefore I have not been incurring any one's wrath

instead I helped set up a new laptop and wireless router
and was rewarded with cheese

very happy

Is a grand place
Especially when with lovely friends
Doing lovely things
and on top of that gazing at an amazing sky with a vast number of a amazing stars
I didn't see them all
and I assumed they are all amazing - because I don't really know
but the number of them is truly amazing.
So how many stars are there?
something like this might be a rough estimate
And I don't even know how to say that number
But it's probably more than all the grains of sand on all the worlds beaches.
I stopped counting after a while last night because it was cold, and I'd had a couple of beers and needed the loo.

My Garden right now: Lots of people liked the picture a few days ago, so here is tonight's..... As you can (or rather can't) see. It's pretty dark !

So - it starts
The campaign for the general election - who better to kick it the the Queen herself
The writing of Christmas cards - so we can send out new address
The collecting of leaves - so many in the garden, and no where to put them
The job hunting - I have to start sometime I guess
And most worrying, the stand -off between USA and China - who can say or do the most fearsome things


I realised that I hadn't told any jokes on my blog for some time
So here are a few very short ones

David Cameron
George Osborne
Louis Walsh
Sarah Palin

My garden yesterday

Post Office
Despite the queue in the post office coming out of the door, and taking 15 minutes, I had some good entertainment from the two old boys behind me. Their conversation went something like this.....
- there's always a queue
- never enough people on the tills
- run by a bunch of young bureaucrats
- health and safety gone too far too
- children can't go packing
- that Tony Blair and labour
- no idea how to run a country
- they should all be locked up
- MPs, duck houses, moat cleaning
- hanging would be better
- country has gone to the dogs
- and we fought for this
- was it worth it
- half the kids come out of school illiterate
- standards have dropped
- do you want to go in front of me
- no point, I'll wait my turn
- to the dogs

works, in the garden tonight
good fun
although not a huge fan myself
of the waste and CO2
and mud traipsed onto the house

apparently it good for a man to be grumpy

but I
can't keep it up

this week I 'signed on'
and joined the ranks of unwashed unemployed

and this week I started my Age Concern fun
meeting a great old guy

fire, grumps, dole, old
and the inevitable chain saw
what a varied and exciting life I live

Rain - wet all day in London and Norwich where I've been
Reign - saw a couple of palaces
Rein- deer seen in museum in Knightsbridge
Spain - homeland of the excellent food on Saturday night
Pain - or bread in the lovely French breakfast shop this morning
Pain - poor wife's broken tooth, in said bread shop
Pane - windows still holding out in the

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