This is the only
I can think of for describing the
which I've got three shots of
I've no idea what it's
but the detail is pretty
I expect that by tomorrow
I will wake up to see it
all over the garden
But at least I'll have the
to remember it's brief
into life in Norwich.

For Give

Having talked more smells, I thought it only fair to show them to you all.
So here are the famous blossoms - smelling just like apple blossom should.

Talking of which
I was thinking about forgiveness
The bit where I forgive others (it's usually the other way around
i.e. people forgiving me).
I wondered how many times when I forgive, I'm really just excusing.
Excusing peoples' behaviour - like rationalising it away, like excusing it. Like this isn't really forgiveness at all. I'm thinking forgiveness starts when there's no excuses left

"Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it" (so says Mark Twain).

I've treated this apple tree real bad. It's bent over at 45 degrees and should really be pulled out - I've threatened it a few times - but still is blesses me with beauty and smelly.

Smell Treason

Today was the end of the season
And so I was looking for a reason
To shout and cheer
and celebrate with beer
But alas it ended in treason.

Yep another loss for the green and yellows and they didn't even play all that well and I've seen more losses than wins and spent a lot of money in doing so and that makes me unhappy but now I have my Saturdays to myself for a while so every cloud has a silver lining.

More interesting - I cut the grass today, so my smelling experience continued. not only that, the apple tree is in blossom. Smells all around. I love cutting the grass - but of course I pretend it's a chore.

Blue Smell

However good your camera
if it's a still one
you can't capture the smell
nor could you if it
was a
movie one!
But the smell on
these three pictures
was pretty

Every time I go to this place
and this was the second time
I think

So if you want to be wowed
either scroll down
or take a trip to

Trees and Blue Bells

Twig and Blue Bells

Wood pile and Blue Bells

Norwich Draw
A game of two halves

One like the picture - full of action
One, like the picture - just watching

First time I took a camera to the match

Was hoping to snap some crowd
action outside the ground
and maybe a police horse

But all I got was a dog watching
fairly harmless passers by!

Cherry Tree
Well, trees I guess.
Outside the office
where I work.
They looked the same last year
Only younger.
But where has the 12 months
between viewings gone?
Seems like only yesterday
that I was
kicking up the blossom on the pavement.

Yesterday I made fruit tea
But not cherry tea
Eight people in the house
1 coffee
1 decaff coffee
1 flavoured coffee
1 tea
1 decaf tea requested ( I didn't have any)
1 flavoured herbal tea
1 juice
1 water

This time last year it would have been 8 coffees
How the world changes in just 12 months.


I explained to someone today what a blog was
They were interested but bemused as to why people do it
I said because they can

Similarly, people choose to have guns
and then shoot people
I guess because they can

And then there are the people who don't believe that
global warming is happening
because they can

I don't know why people dispute what they see with their eyes
I don't know why people need to own and use guns
I do know why people write blogs

I write a blog so I can tell you this grasshopper joke.

A biology class student conducted an experiment on what would happen to a grasshopper if its legs were taken off.

He pulled off one of its legs and yelled 'hop!', and the grasshopper hopped. Then he took another leg and yelled 'hop!' and the grasshopper hopped. Then he took all of its legs and yelled 'hop!' but the insect did not hop. He yelled again, but the insect did not hop.

So he came to the conclusion that when all the legs of a grasshopper are removed, it will become deaf.

I guess those that dispute global warming are a bit like this student.

70 Max

On my round trip to Southampton today. Apparently is is more efficient and creates less green house gases than 85 - although it seemed to take forever.
I was glad of the warmth though when sat on the green having ice cream in the forest.
And I was glad that the trees, ponies and dear deer were still all there.

Two houses

which one's mine ?

clue: I've stayed in them both.

Two Top Things Today

I did two things today that I thought were pretty good. First off, I got my push bike serviced - which maybe a bit lazy - but I don't have the skill either. Now when I hurtle down one of the many hills in Norwich, I will be able to stop at the bottom. That's the good thing.

Second, I went to see Amazing Grace - the film about William Wilberforce. It was good too.
Here's a picture from the film of him in action in parliament. I love the expression on the the face of the man on his right. It was a great film, and the good bit was a quote from John Newton: "Although my memory's fading, I remember two things very clearly. I'm a great sinner and Christ is a great Saviour".

Easter Chocolate

The season has passed:
The season for bunnies

of course
means so much more.

But I've discovered this Easter
that most of the chocolate I eat
is picked
on farms
worked by
Child slaves.

Stolen, Shackled, Secret.

So, how can now I eat
when I now know.

People shouldn't be bought and sold.

I shouldn't and wont buy
a product of the slave trade.

The culprit

I couldn't get very close
but this is the
'dreaded daff digger'

How cute.

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