Piling on the miles
This weekend.
It's called training.
Tomorrow a section
of the
Weavers Way.
Walked to a craft fair today
which was just shutting down.
Yesterday walked to the New Inn
which was full of tourists
and amusement arcade type games.
But the Adnams was good.

So the real news
of the weekend
which was/is the first casualty
of the new coalition government.
A guy who wanted to keep his sexuality secret,
but instead used it to excuse
his dishonesty
and various expense fiddles.

Best just to be honest mate.

The good thing about the rain
No, not for the garden
the beans, flowers, new trees etc
No, not for the farmers
crops, ploughing, general whining
No, not for the water authority
reservoirs, rivers.
Yes, definitely yes
for getting my car wet
which means that the
pigeon poop
is no longer like glue and welded on
but soft
and easily washed off
I've been waiting for a day like
for six weeks.
In fact
it was almost at the stage where I
couldn't drive safely.
All I need now is an air rifle.

I had some single glazed (old, leaking, dirty, rotten) windows replaced on Friday with some double glazed (new, dry, clean, solid) windows.
And today is about the hottest it has ever been in this house.
So on Monday the rest of the windows get done.
I'm expecting to be able to sell my boiler.
In fact, my new windows have single handedly made it the hottest day in May in the UK for nearly 73 years.
And to think that I didn't really believe all that marketing what-not.


in the sunshine.

No more cherry tree
Not exactly dead,
more chopped down,
leaving a healthy stump
which is way to big for
my saw.
Now it's my arms that are sore.
But the good thing
when it was down
I saw the walnut
behind it
in all it's glory

Today some scientist produced the first
synthetic life
that had it's own DNA
and reproduced over a billion times.

I wonder if it they
will be able to create
and alive, synthetic, real
cherry tree?

Japanese Knot Weed
I hate it
It is everywhere
(not literally you understand!)
In my back yard
or garden
I dig it out
within days it is back
You've made your point
now die.

The media
I hate it
It is everywhere
(yes literally)
on my tv, my newspapers, my laptop.
I switch it off
within minutes it pops up
The election is over.
Get over it.

Norfolk Paramedics.
I love them.
Thanks you for coming to
the rescue.
Hopefully I wont need to see you
for a while.

That is what I keep being told.
About the election result I mean:
and now the coalition
and the new politics
which is going to make our country great once more.
They say they are going to put right the last 13 years.
So does that mean they are going to close all the hospitals that have been built, sack all the new Doctors and Policemen/women. And knockdown all the new schools. Does it mean that we are going back to inflation of 15% and equally high interest rates. etc etc.
Oh what short memories we all have.
Still, I did like the David and Nick joint press conference. Reminded me of the early days of Ant and Dec on ITV.
And I felt a slight excitements and optimism.
I reckon a honeymoon period of 1 month.

Polling Station
Couldn't find a photo from the UK election - but I reckon it looked a little like this.
Not sure why people turned out in their masses just before the polling stations closed down. So not sure how much sympathy I have - except of course they could have been out at work saving lives.
Anyway, while all this was happening I decided to watch my new blue-ray Avatar disk. Only to find it wouldn't work on my player - which is a ancient 2 years old.
So 2 hours later and a heap of file transfers from the web to my laptop to the player, and I'm now running version 3.5 on the player - so all is well with the world.
And the film is/was pretty good.
Pity we couldn't upload a new government with equal success.

Bank Holiday Weekend
It's cold and wet and windy. I saw a friend wearing shorts preparing for their first BBQ and I guess that is what has sparked the complete reverse in weather patterns and sent us this wintry blast but the cherry blossom has just about managed to hang on and the new shoots are still forcing their way out.
So instead of going outside I've been thinking and trying to work out if I can prove my wife loves me. And whatever argument I come up with, I discover that all I have are pointers and what she says and writes. No scientific proof.
So I look out at that blossom, and whilst there is no scientific proof, there are plenty of pointers and evidence that God is there. No scientific guarantee, but enough the see, to hear, to touch, to taste to be completely convinced that this is not all just some freaky stroke of chance.

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