Polling Station
Couldn't find a photo from the UK election - but I reckon it looked a little like this.
Not sure why people turned out in their masses just before the polling stations closed down. So not sure how much sympathy I have - except of course they could have been out at work saving lives.
Anyway, while all this was happening I decided to watch my new blue-ray Avatar disk. Only to find it wouldn't work on my player - which is a ancient 2 years old.
So 2 hours later and a heap of file transfers from the web to my laptop to the player, and I'm now running version 3.5 on the player - so all is well with the world.
And the film is/was pretty good.
Pity we couldn't upload a new government with equal success.

Hi Steve. Nice blog. This picture is a very funny reminder of the last couple of days but I did feel sorry for those people.
Like you, I wondered why they left it so late.
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