At last it is cold. So cold that I had to scrape ice off of the old galaxy this morning. Probably because the earth was open to the whole galaxy with no cloud cover. The cover (duvet) in the b&b was warm and cosy. As was the fire in my little brothers new house yesterday. Yesterday was a proper holiday when I could should could have been at work. Holiday is something I must book in the next few days. Days left till the new year, 2. Two is the number of victories for Norwich this year. Next blog in 2009!

It's Boxing Day
So I am going to
Watch the Box
Put empty boxes in the bin
No, recycling, of course.
Get out of my box,
and read a different book.
Open the box of chocolates
And eat the fair trade ones.
And possible have a box
on the Wii.

The real thing
Is so much better
than the un-real thing.
That goes for lots of things
mince pies
This year is almost done
and I ave had quite a few
non genuine articles thrust in my direction
and I've accidentally lapped them up
and then regretted it.
My resolution word for 2009:
I've finished work for the year too.
Work work I mean
I haven't finished home work
'Cos I need to go shopping in the morning....bit late I know :-)
Don'f forget now...... the real meaning of Christmas.

This is.
Today I mended my Puncture
And bought a cycle Helmet.
Yesterday I sang Carols
about an awesome God.
Tomorrow is the last day
at work for 2008.
After that I will have to
think of some awesome New Year resolutions. I'm struggling.

Christmas Tree
The tree is up which is good news especially as it's nearly Christmas and so is the time when these things need to be done and what's more it's still just about alive and no needles have dropped to the floor surrounded now by quite a few gifts I have just about finished my shopping maybe just one more thing to get.
However, more important we had a carol service tonight and a few meals over the past couple of days and some rather good wine, and the only thing I've not managed to fit in is a film or a puncture repair.
Today I've seen no news, so either the world has stopped, snow is coming, house prices have started rising or Christmas is in fact cancelled.

18th December

√Čtienne Aubert is elected Pope Innocent VI.

Passengers on the British ship the Mayflower come ashore at modern-day Plymouth, Massachusetts, U.S.A. to begin their new settlement, Plymouth Colony.

Slavery is officially abolished in the United States of America with the ratification of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution by the requisite three-quarters of the states.

Japan invades Hong Kong.

The Battle of Verdun ends.

Brad Pitt is born.

Steve-ee-g has Guinness

13 days left in 2008

One Week
Two go
Free me from the pain
For Christmas preparation is beating me.

Won the battle of the stomach bug though
Too many of my poor colleagues have succumbed
Three o'clock in the pm is when I'll get back from next lunch
Forever eating and testing out the growing tum

Wonder what I'll get
To fill up the Christmas stocking
Free goodies picked up last year maybe
Four of us will be so excited.....

Sank a couple of glasses of wine tonight
Cease your drinking I hear you say
Set in my ways though after a hard day at work
Wheat beer is a favourite - if you're thinking of that stocking.

Christmas Meal
Tonight another: pleasant pheasant.
Although favourite bit: traditional pud.
However, much more interested to tell you about the incident with the pepper pot, which happened before I went out. Basically, we have a large wooden and heavy pepper pot. Must be 18 inches tall. Get the picture. Well, for some reason with which I wont bore you, but it was something to do with a candle and a light switch, I knocked it off the shelf, and it fell from a great height to land on by big toe. I do believe it might be broken - my toe that it. Maybe it's because I've lots all my strength in Samsonite fashion. Yes I succumbed to the pressure and got my golden locks cut off. Boo.

wonder when weekends
(can't do all the w's any more)
go on a bit longer - because there is never enough time
and if there was, maybe I would be feeling a bit more well
before I had to turn out for work again.
witnessed a wedding on Saturday
and I'm sure there will be lots of pictures of bride and groom
so here are the wee bridesmaids
who well never get enough pictures.
And they do look wonderful.
Surprisingly the M25 was still
busy in the early hours of the morning
but not grid locked
I may be tempted to do that again sometime
after a Bath.
See this week
Lots of Christmas Shopping

I spoke to soon
Today I feel bad
in the unwell, cold, throat, flu
not real flu
just the version certain men get.
And Norwich lost.
And I could not
Christmas Shop
And I can't drink the lovely wine
that is open
Good job I'm gonna
see my lovely children in 1 and 3 days
that will keep me going
and good job I heard this
lovely song tonight:

And I'll praise You in this storm
And I will lift my hands
For You are who You are
No matter where I am
And every tear I've cried
You hold in Your hand
You never left my side
And though my heart is torn
I will praise You in this storm

This week I had a fantastic time in the snow on the slopes. Racing each other on a rather small yellow plastic toboggan. I did get a bit cold though. The gloves were not quite up to it. Running back up the slope was a killer. Twice in quick succession. Today my legs ache, and my fingers hurt, but maybe that is just a touch of arthritis.
Also this week, I met the rudest man I have ever met. When I say met. He spoke at a diner event on the 23rd Floor of Centre Point. The view was amazing. Right down Oxford Street.
Also this week, I haven't rode my bike, and so haven't had a near death experience.
Also this week I had the final episode of Little Dorrit spoiled by a newsreader on BBC. Shame on you sir.
And the week started with a FANTASTIC win over arch rivals in Suffolk.
So far a good week.


The was a young man from Norfolk
who thought sweeping up leaves was no joke
He was tired and wet
Smelly, covered in sweat
And still more leaves fell off the oak.

So instead he went to the vet
Although the cats were beginning to fret
Cooped up in a cage
They were filling with rage
The young man ended up in more debt.

Next he tackled some accounts
Adding and subtracting amounts
The job has been done
He's earned his bacon
Relax now and wine, he'll announce.

The evening eventually came
A blue ray he watched with his dame
No country for old men
Was confusing, times ten
But tomorrow he'll be watching THE GAME.

Crowds hit Norwich
Thursday, late night shopping, sales, M&S, Christmas - all these lead to big crowds in Norwich. Crowds were a pain for one local cyclist though - because the brakes were still not working on his push bike. Bike didn't stop when small parts of the crowd run out in front. Front wheel keeps rolling forward.
Oh well, no one was hurt.
Perhaps a more interesting piece of news was the interest rates falling to another record low.
Or perhaps more worrying is the dreadful story of the mother kidnapping her small child for the ransom money.
The good thing is that tomorrow is Friday, which means that in three weeks time Christmas is over and the crowds will be back a gain.

I have a confession
Brace yourselves
I forgot to do my duty
As security guard
Two Sundays ago
Thereby leaving
Worshippers in a perilous state
And so I say
I am sorry
Come to Church this coming Sunday
Or at our Carol Service
On 21st December
at 6.30 pm
And I will make it up to you.

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