This week I had a fantastic time in the snow on the slopes. Racing each other on a rather small yellow plastic toboggan. I did get a bit cold though. The gloves were not quite up to it. Running back up the slope was a killer. Twice in quick succession. Today my legs ache, and my fingers hurt, but maybe that is just a touch of arthritis.
Also this week, I met the rudest man I have ever met. When I say met. He spoke at a diner event on the 23rd Floor of Centre Point. The view was amazing. Right down Oxford Street.
Also this week, I haven't rode my bike, and so haven't had a near death experience.
Also this week I had the final episode of Little Dorrit spoiled by a newsreader on BBC. Shame on you sir.
And the week started with a FANTASTIC win over arch rivals in Suffolk.
So far a good week.

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