A whole week
Is a long time
and a lot has happened
far to much to say here
but I can break some news
and that is that the house if full
to bursting
with full, half full and empty
ready for the big day on Friday.

In the mean time
spent the week end
being a bit hippie
at a folk festival
which was great fun
playing the fiddle
drinking the beer
enjoying the music
and generally
having a good time
and listening to music
that I never new existed

Empty is my loft
and garage
Full are most of
my rooms with boxes and bit and bobs

More importantly
the prison cell
which held the suspected and convicted
Lockerbie bomber
is empty
much to the delight of some people
and the angst of others.

Whatever the rights and wrongs
sad for the people who lost their loved ones
to have their trauma re-opened

And back to the loft
never to be opened again
by me!

London calling
Did the tourist bit
last week
But tomorrow
it's meetings
But at least it's then
the weekend end
end end
My main task is to take the
to the tip
before the removal men
come and give me
a huge big
to move the junk

Sea Rescue
in Cromer
at the Carnival
Very impressive dogs.

In fact
was very impressive
during the carnival

might go again
later in the weeks
to watch the

Can't beat
a good old black and white
of Crummock.
And today
black became white as the footy
restored some order and won 0 -4
and black
was pretty white
as a few problems were fixed at work
and black was very white
as my family returned home after 3 years.
but only for a week

I nearly didn't go
and then
I was
to part
with hard earned cash
to see the boys in yellow
and they really
like boys
playing men
the worst
ever performance
1 - 7
at home
in the lowest league
and as Mr Geoff Boycott
says of English cricket
in the long run
it wasn't a waste of money
because that
was my last ever game

Scafell Pike
The tall one in the background
Is the one
I climbed this week.
The lake at the bottom is Buttermere, where the Bridge Hotel sells the most expensive ale around. So don't go there, instead go to the Kirkstile Inn, where their own local ale costs about 30% less.

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