New Camera
Just testing out pictures of petals with the new equipment. Camera seems ok (well, brilliant actually), photographer still has a lot to learn. I wonder if I should just take hundreds and hundreds, and I hope I get one good one.


I'm gonna try to
write a Japanese poem
'cos it's all the rage.

There, I did it and now I can move on to more interesting things, like trying out my new camera which is fantastic - although back to the rain theme, I've not had a chance to capture much yet. If we get some sun this weekend I'll try and do it.

Big Brother started
tonight and I haven't seen
what's going down yet.

And below is the hedge before the little green and white gazebo launched itself into space last night and then mangled the hedge and all the pretty little flowers before I rescued it whilst getting drenched. The flowers can rescue themselves, and if not this week, then next year they will be just fine. And I bet they don't worry either. Note to self, stop worrying about going back to work tomorrow and having to sit all lonesome in a big office and answering a whole load of emails and tel' calls. Consider instead the pink flower in Darsham Hedge.

Before the rain

The view from
my bed
whilst camping
at Darsham
before the rain
and washed

I often
why people
go camping
in the British weather in Spring, when it is going to rain, and after this
weekend, I wonder even more.

Rain rain rain

I'm sat here watching the rain.
and it's cold
and beginning to get muddy

Oh well
the farmers will like it
and the fish

It's Sunday
nothing could be
further from the truth

Frog and Beer

Not together.
One sad, one good.

In fact really sad
I'm traumatised
Because a lovely little frog
Hopped in front of me
as I was cutting the grass
My stomach is still

To comfort myself
I opened my first
home made beer
The cap came of
small fizz
I poured
Clear, amber
And drank
I can't believe it worked!
39 pints to go.

was long
I cut it
There is
grass cutting
makes me happy
perhaps the smell
perhaps the straight lines
perhaps the clean look
Yesterday, in Southwold, I saw an older gentleman, with a broom, sweeping the grass, which was about the maddest thing I've seen in a long time. There are lots of mad things in the world. But perhaps the maddest is ignoring the creator and saviour of it - the world.

Friday at Southwold
The sun shone
which was great, because
I went out
for the day
to Southwold
Which is one of my
top spots.
I walked
on the pier
had fish n chips
in the harbour inn
and Adnams,
of course
Went walking
ice creams
and didn't catch the
2 minute ferry
over to Walberswich
because it wasn't the weekend
so drove 10 miles
to cover 50 metres
For a cup of tea
and a game in the sand.
Top Spot.

Is Tuesday
Is a cold day
Is a rainy day
But I didn't mind

I worked
I skipped squash
I drank tea
But didn't touch alcohol

I coveted a camera
a new TV
a fast car
But didn't succumb

I took B out for
including reversing
and speeding
and braking
But didn't crash

Pub lunch
I had one today.
I didn't know pubs were so connected with the bible and faith. So I feel good that I spent the day in the pub. Take a look:
The Anchor: From the Bible passage "We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope" also the derivation of the pub name Hope & Anchor,
Cross Keys: sign of St Peter, the gatekeeper of Heaven,
Lamb & Flag: "Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world". The Lamb is seen carrying a flag (usually of St George) and is the symbol of the Knights Templar,
Lion & Lamb: The lion is a symbol of the Resurrection and the lamb, the Redeemer.
Mitre: A bishop's hat; a simple sign easily recognisable by the illiterate or drunk,
Shepherd & Flock: May refer to Christ (the Shepherd) and the people (his flock) - but may also just mean the agricultural character and his charges!
Three Crowns: The Magi - so a pub for Christmas.

Today my lunch was in the White Horse. A galloping white horse is the sign of the House of Hanover and many eighteenth century inns adopted the symbol to demonstrate their loyalty to the new Royal dynasty. A white horse is also the emblem of the County of Kent.

I was in Suffolk and am no Royalist, but did have a Steak and Kidney pie which is the almost the same thing.

What happened in 1997

Tiger Woods started winning - youngest and blackest American to win the Masters
Kofi Anna took the reigns of the UN
Do you remember the yachtsman Tony Bullimore being trapped under his yacht for 5 days before being rescued?
Dolly the sheep was successfully cloned
Hong Kong handed back to China from the UK
The first Harry Potter book published
Mother Teresa died
And of course Tony Blair elected

Apparently Mr Blair will be making an announcement about his future tomorrow. He's lasted pretty well I reckon - and I know some people don't really like him, but I also reckon we could have been a lot worse off.

The question is what will his legacy be, and will it compare with the legacies left by the other members of my 1997 shortlist above. In the long run, whilst we might not remember Dolly - she may end up being the most significant.

Thankfully no one is ever going to want or need to clone me - which is just as well because I'm not willing to change my name to Dolly.

Is where we went this weekend
The sun came out a little
I thought of my big bro, whose was a birthday boy today
I couldn't believe I had to pay £5 to park in a field
I could believe that my legs ached
After walking too far up and down the cliffs
I bottled 40 pints of beer
when I got home
and I can't hardly wait 2 weeks
before I can try it
Talking of maturing
(beer, brother!)
The pictures get older
as you scroll down.
The graves being the youngest
The door being the oldest
by a few billion years.

Corfe Castle

Dancing Ledge

Durdle Door


If you were.....the person.....who invited me.....out for a meal.....last night.....can I say.....thank you.....and.....happy birthday.

It was.....and you are.....great.

What could be better.....than......eating and drinking.....with friends.....(and of course family).....who put up with you.....age.....conversation.....bad habits.....silly remarks.....etc.....I can think.....of.....nothing.

Tonight.....I'm doing it again.....with different friends who.....will be..... equally accommodating.

I think.....I'm quite

No Full Stops
I have lots of questions today which means I tend to ramble on a bit and write in a way that doesn't make a lot of sense for example why does a chief exec of a big if not the biggest uk company lie to the high court and why do people lie anyway because it always ends in tears whether you're gay or straight another question is why do people hurt each other so much especially when they like or liked each other so much not so long ago whether you're gay or straight and the hurt is so real and can make other people hurt who weren't even part of the love or hurt in the first place and then the age old question of why do people spill their hearts out on a mobile phone in a packed train when there are about fifty people listening and the conversation goes on to talk about what they do or don't like to do in bed whether you're gay or straight this is a daft thing to do and why people feel they should impose their values on other people whether they're gay or straight and the most important question must be why did man united throw away a good lead and loose three nil tonight but my most important wasn't the last question which is why do I feel hungry all the time

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