Pub lunch
I had one today.
I didn't know pubs were so connected with the bible and faith. So I feel good that I spent the day in the pub. Take a look:
The Anchor: From the Bible passage "We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope" also the derivation of the pub name Hope & Anchor,
Cross Keys: sign of St Peter, the gatekeeper of Heaven,
Lamb & Flag: "Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world". The Lamb is seen carrying a flag (usually of St George) and is the symbol of the Knights Templar,
Lion & Lamb: The lion is a symbol of the Resurrection and the lamb, the Redeemer.
Mitre: A bishop's hat; a simple sign easily recognisable by the illiterate or drunk,
Shepherd & Flock: May refer to Christ (the Shepherd) and the people (his flock) - but may also just mean the agricultural character and his charges!
Three Crowns: The Magi - so a pub for Christmas.

Today my lunch was in the White Horse. A galloping white horse is the sign of the House of Hanover and many eighteenth century inns adopted the symbol to demonstrate their loyalty to the new Royal dynasty. A white horse is also the emblem of the County of Kent.

I was in Suffolk and am no Royalist, but did have a Steak and Kidney pie which is the almost the same thing.

Ahh, I get it ... pubs are part of the nation's crypto-Christain heritage.

Perhaps we ought to open up a pub at NCBC. What shall we call it? How about "The King's Horn"? (1Sam2:10) That'll make them think.
It would indeed. Just thought I'd pop by and prove I can still blog.
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