Million dollar Question

I often blog about climate change.
Another new report out yesterday
Putting the price in economic terms on the climate change.

What was fun was seeing a few mad scientists and the few mad politicians who believed them talking about how 95% of (non mad) scientists had probably got it wrong, and global warming wasn't so bad.
I couldn't believe what I was seeing/hearing/reading.
Head in the sand ~I thought

Wonder what I have my head in the sand about
and wonder how many entrenched positions and views I hold.
Do tell me.

So, to answer to the first question - it's several trillion pounds (or dollars, I can't remember).

So the next debate I heard was not about fixing the glaring and obvious climate question, it was how much is a trillion.

I went and turned off all the lights that weren't being used. And cried myself to sleep.


Mobile Phones
What can I say?
6 months and broken
A long week incommunicado.

What can I say?
5 goals to nil
A long afternoon for the losing supporters.

Dance shows
What can I say?
4 hours
A long evening for the supporting fathers.

British Summertime
What can I say?
60 minutes extra
A long night for the insomniacs.

Why do I support Norwich
Why do dance teachers try to fit in so much
Why o why do we change the clocks
Twice per year
I get really confused.
I long for simpilicty

New Forest

We just got back
Back's fine but camera dropped in a muddy bog
Thought I'd check out that it still worked.
I wasn't there for 7 days
But here are 7 pics
Pick your favourite and let me know!
Is it:
Silver Saplings
Burnt Bushes
Land of Leaves
Running River
Setting Sun
Pair of Ponies
Daring Deer

Derek and El
on Saturday.
Looking Lovely.
And at the same time
Norwich were beating Cardiff
Well done everybody.

Today was the next day
and it rained.
after I washed the car, which is a pain.
I didn't wash it in the rain.
I washed it before the wedding.

Why do people wash cars for the wedding?
I would have done better if I'd remembered to wash myself.
Did anyone notice?

grey ones were on TV the other day
they swim for thousands of miles
in one go
to find new feeding grounds
and it only takes a few weeks
and they have to know where the killer whales hang out
and so hide out in the forest of seaweed
and having lost a few tones in the big swim
fatten up by munching on the tiny shrimps
millions of them
which is their diet

all very amazing, and something you always wanted to know

how can they be so clever

and then on TV, I see something else
very silly
this time not whales, but humans
who spend their days (and I assume nights)
in the complete nude
naturist they are called
they all looked very cold
and the bit I thought strangest was when they gathered in the chapel
to hear the naked priest

I definitely prefer the programme from the naturalist

Gone to bed, so not very much to say tonight, other than why does my head hurt ? Why is it that people heads hurt, especially when they've been working hard. Is it like tennis elbow, when one plays too much tennis. Have I been thinking too much. I hardly think so. Maybe it was the stuffy room all day without a proper lunch break. Maybe it was insfficient caffiene. Maybe I just need some sleep. Milk and honey. Goodnight.


It was revealed that
(last night)
That my quiz skills
(answering the questions)
Wasn't too sharp

In fact in our tool box
(6 tool box)
I was the most blunt
(and rusty and bent)

We did pretty well
(despite my lack of contribution)
My team were brilliant
And it all goes to prove that
age isn't everything

We also finished earlier in the eve the read through
(cover -2-cover)
Many of us turning up to read the last book

Today all will be revealed about my car too
Which has a repair and mot scheduled
Not looking forward to the bill.

A new experience

For me last night
Rather than going to bed
I partook of a little public bible reading
We're doing cover-2-cover
down at NCBC
So I did an overnight shift with three or four friends
As this was the first night, it was Leviticus and Numbers.

But not as difficult as having to work down a mine
or deep sea fishing
or managing the England football team.
Or indeed, as difficult as
keeping some of the rules
(written about in the same books )
if we want to try and earn our way into God's love.

Good job He just loves us anyway, freely.

White Teeth

A couple of years ago I read a book by Zadie Smith. I really enjoyed it, but can't for the life of me remember what it was about.

I do remember reading something the other day about a set of not so white dentures that had been excavated from a 200 or 300 year old grave. Considering the age, they looked pretty good.

I keep forgetting, but mustn't, that I have an appointment with one of the last remaining NHS dentists in Norwich. 8.10 in the morning. If I miss I will be struck off.

I once asked the dentist how much to remove a tooth. Like £100 he said. Gosh I replied, that much for 2 minutes work, that is so not worth it. He said, he'd take like loads longer if I wanted, like he'd stretch it over 90 minutes for the same cost. Like, no, I said.

I'll be in the office at 8.15 I guess.

Harvest Moon

Today I don't feel too bright.
But I did get up early to visit Mr Sainsbury's outlet this morning, trying to beat the q's. Even at Eight something it was fairly busy. Quite a few 2 for 1 offers. So we bought 2. And no doubt we'll be throwing away the one we don't need or want in a few days time. Then I filled up the car with a whole load of packaging that one day soon I'll to pay to get rid of.
So, yesterday was Friday. Quite few people said to me ' cheer up buddy, it's Friday'. I didn't know I was un cheered. Maybe I looked a bit miserable. I didn't know. Why do people like Friday's so much? Maybe it's because it only 3 days until Monday?
So, how have we coped with eldest away all week. The first of many. Well, not too bad. Spoken a couple of times. He seems to have had a good week. Pub, cinema, club, bed. Excellent.
Oh, yes, last night, big bright moon. I could have gone out and picked the apples. (if I had any apple, and if I was awake!)

Today the rain kicked in

And I got soaked cycling home.
I waved at a colleague , driving in his porche
He looked cool.
I looked wet, bedraggled , unkept, dilapidated, soiled and sodden.
I wish he hadn't seen me :-(

But does it matter.
Does it matter what people wear.
Does is matter about the Muslim women
in Bradford
(Jack Straw's turf)
with full veils
revealing a small glimpse of eye.
A "visible statement of separation and of difference".

I think tomorrow I will wear a tie
maybe even a suit.

I wonder what people will say
Will it show a lack of respect for 'dress down Friday'

And of course I'll will wear my bright red waterproof
over the top
whilst cycling
if it's raining.

Tears of a clown

My tears
and I'm the clown.
But I'll live.
So son
in prison block Q.

A new period of life
for all of us.
In fact every day is an opportunity
for all of us to do
something different
and that means you too.
Not just if you happy to have a less people at the dinner table.

So why not walk or drive or cycle
to shops or church or pub or work or school
a different way than normal.

You'll see something different,
feel something different
and maybe
do something different.

So, I sat in a different chair
at dinner time.
Very refreshing!

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