Harvest Moon

Today I don't feel too bright.
But I did get up early to visit Mr Sainsbury's outlet this morning, trying to beat the q's. Even at Eight something it was fairly busy. Quite a few 2 for 1 offers. So we bought 2. And no doubt we'll be throwing away the one we don't need or want in a few days time. Then I filled up the car with a whole load of packaging that one day soon I'll to pay to get rid of.
So, yesterday was Friday. Quite few people said to me ' cheer up buddy, it's Friday'. I didn't know I was un cheered. Maybe I looked a bit miserable. I didn't know. Why do people like Friday's so much? Maybe it's because it only 3 days until Monday?
So, how have we coped with eldest away all week. The first of many. Well, not too bad. Spoken a couple of times. He seems to have had a good week. Pub, cinema, club, bed. Excellent.
Oh, yes, last night, big bright moon. I could have gone out and picked the apples. (if I had any apple, and if I was awake!)

Its interesting...

There is a theory that a full moon can cause you to feel down - I think I read on craigs blog (http://craig-deal.blogspot.com/) something about the moon affecting moods...

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