Field of Daffs
How come
my garden
doesn't look
like this?
I'll tell you:
the squirrels
my bulbs
the cats
do their business
on the remaining
and I don't

You can almost smell them.

Click on my photos to see where I went today, in the lovely spring sunshine.

A game of two halves

one of these gentlemen claims to run a football team one claims to be closely related to humans one has friends who want him to have the same rights as other humans because he shares 99% of their DNA one has a new home in London and can view the open air not through bars for the first time since he was born one has very few friends and even less in the press one looks like a chump one looks like he's not happy one will still have a job in 12 months times one will still be providing entertainment one of these champs didn't have a lot of choice about where he is now and the other one chose and was chosen for fame one of these would scare a groups of young men one of them seem to have no effect on 11 professionals one of them spins a tail yet one has no tale which helps classify him as something different one I love and one makes me cry.

P's and Q's

Today I saw a
in Westminster Abbey
(on TV)
at a service remembering the end (apparently)
of slavery 200 years ago.

Today I played
and won
sorry my boy
practice more.

Today I ate
in the form of a source
on Chicken
not bought at Tescos.

Today I had a
and took it to a shop to mend
how lazy is that!
On my bike, not the car.

I'm going to have to find some

Gordon Brown
Great Britain
Good Budget?
Gonna Be
Getting Banknotes.
Guess .... Bonkers!

Either I'm bonkers to think I'll be getting rich quickly. Of GB is bonkers thinking he can give money away without saving somewhere else. Or more likely, the Great British public are bonkers for believing all the rubbish in the papers about how Brown and Blaire don't really care, and don't want this country to be great.

Back to more serious issues - I had a spicy pizza today. Lovely. Plus a small portion of vanilla ice-cream. You should have seen the mountain of chocolate ice-cream some of my fellow diners were climbing.

Why is it that ice-cream is so good. Maybe Gordon could refund my tax in Carte D'or.


So this time tomorrow I will know all about what Mr Brown thinks I should be paying to him in terms of tax and other little bits and bobs that he thinks he deserves in order to keep the country on its feet and safe from attack and green and stable and stimulating and growing and healthy and such like but of course I will complain and whinge and wish I had a smaller car and had pre paid my road tax. Maybe it will be the last one that he does because next year he will be on the back benches watching Mrs Beckett or some other hopeful benefiting from all the hard work he has done over the past ten years but then truth be told a lot of people benefit from the hard work of others and that's life so he and the rest of us better get used to it.

On the other hand,
life could be good
the snow will be
the sun
and the
standing tall
and yellow.

Girls day

There was a young lady called Becca
Who's birthday today was so mega.
She has seventeen years
and has lost all her fears.
Tomorrow she be driving a Corsa.

Today was also our Mums day
They are heroes, what can I say?
Having borne us, weaned us,
fed us and cleaned us
Thee cheers and a great big hooray!


By the time you read this
it will
be March 15th
which is an important day
if you are Julius Caesar
because you might be stabbed.

I don't think I've got anything
to worry about though.

Although I am on a course at work
and that's always dangerous.

Not sure really why the 15th
is called
the Ides
and the web didn't give too much info.

I did learn that the first test cricket match
took place on the 15 march 1877

Picture Proof

That Spring
Is In
The Air
Castle Acre
I also saw a lady bird
A friend of a friend
saw a lamb
Proof indeed.

The is what Bex did tonight in her orchestra. and you know what? it was really good. A repeat performance tomorrow will be good. too. And then when I got home I was really hungry so made pasta - well to be fair the pasta was already made, I jut had to cook it and knock up a bit of a source.
Been pretty busy this week, hence limited blogging.
Sorry folks.
Thursday was London. Which started ok, but ended in a bit of a slide! Due in part to trespassers on the train track which added a couple of hours to the journey home.
Oh well.
The trespasser was a suicider for a while - and so I didn't feel too bad sitting around in the cold. But when it became a trespasser I stated to feel annoyed. So a suicide is better than a trespass. That doesn't really make sense.
This week I've also been thinking about the difference between isolation and insulation. The difference between diversity and discrimination. The difference between art and junk. The difference between the French and English.
So I'll finish with a French joke, following my week of French - which maybe I now think isn't really a joke:
How many Frenchmen does it take to change a light bulb?
One. He holds the bulb and all of Europe revolves around him.

By the way - the French are lovely

bit of a
bold statement
being with a french girl
(by way of a school exchange with
brings out the
best in me and hence
brotherhood (or brother sisterhood) is

by the sea we showed her the
beauty of Southwold
beer of Southwold
batter of Southwold (on the fish, and chips)

back home we had
bread - the English sort
balcony seats in the theatre,

best of all
booted and coated we'll
be off to the
baffling off-side rule
beating Derby County
by at least of
brace of goals
but we have to wait
before we see my
bravado come tumbling down
by Tuesday night!

29th February.

This is the date my watch has said all day
Which is clever, because a watch is meant to tell the time
Anyway, it wasn't until I looked at Google
and saw the daffs in their logo
That I realised it was St David's day - the 1st March
So the watch wasn't all that clever after all!

I don't think it has changed my day much though
which just goes to show that dates don't really matter that much
So, if I forgot your birthday, sorry.

If was a good day for my nephew today
So he will remember the date as the day he got some good news
That he would be going to the same school as his sisters

It was also a good day in Ohio, in 1803,
because they became the 17th State in the good ole U.S of A

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