By the way - the French are lovely

bit of a
bold statement
being with a french girl
(by way of a school exchange with
brings out the
best in me and hence
brotherhood (or brother sisterhood) is

by the sea we showed her the
beauty of Southwold
beer of Southwold
batter of Southwold (on the fish, and chips)

back home we had
bread - the English sort
balcony seats in the theatre,

best of all
booted and coated we'll
be off to the
baffling off-side rule
beating Derby County
by at least of
brace of goals
but we have to wait
before we see my
bravado come tumbling down
by Tuesday night!

Southwold is in Southfolk!. What about a nearby a beautiful Norfolk resort ... Yarmouth?
beauty and Yarmouth. Is that what we call an oxymoron?
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