Network Rail
So, there I was
waiting at Norwich Station
6.30 this morning
all set
whoops cancellations
noise, confusion.
Train to stop 10 miles short of the Station
30 minutes late train
stops - 10 miles short
jump off in a crowd
a big crowd
fight way to the underground
packed in like
sardines - squashed ones.
Thousands and thousands of people effected
all getting to destinations 60-90 minutes late.
Millions of pounds down
the drain
Because some guy forgot to tighten a screw.

Soon after this
The sun went
the blue sky went
The rain came
the wind came
My tent just about stayed up
I got a bit wet, cold and muddy
But my reward was a few hours in the Lord Nelson in Southwold, with a couple of pints of Broadside, Haddock and chips.....and a game of cards with some favourite people.
by the way, this field was next door to my tent. The only drawback was a gigantic, explosive bird scarer!

Winning and Losing

When you win, everything isn't great.
Usually when you lose, everything isn't terrible.
A lot of times when you lose, you just didn't do enough good things to win.
It wasn't like everything was bad. When you win everything is not good.
There are mistakes in wins, too. The longer you play, the more you realize that. There's a fine line. You just have to do as many things right as you possibly can to give yourself the best chance, but ultimately there is room for improvement every day.

Not my words, but interesting in the light of Man United lucky victory over Chelsea last night.

And on another subject. I need to wear something yellow to work tomorrow.....but I don't have

The fire is on
which is
in the middle of late Spring
also crazy
is the big football match
in Moscow which I will
but which starts on Russian Wednesday
and ends on
Russian Thursday
even more crazy
I can't watch it
because I'm busy
I predict a boring 1-0
so I'm glad I'll miss it

While counting money
Tonight I counted the pennies
and watched a bit of three programmes on TV
One looking at the wildlife in China
One looking at The Coast of East England
One looking at the people in Russia Moscow
Three things I learnt
One has wild Elephants and some wonderful singing Gibbons
One has km long trains, and the most expensive place to stay in the world
One has the home of the first holiday resorts in the UK (easy to guess this one) and the first Butlins. Mr B built his fortune on getting the patent for dodgem cars. Clever.
30 years ago I would of hated programmes like this
Now I love them.

It's been a busy week
which means no thing written down here
for four days
which means no thing has been interesting
to interrupt my slothfulness
which means I'm sorry
but I'll tell you that I've
been to London and
to Attleborough by mistake
because I drove past Wymondham and
to the pub, just the once and
to the office lots of times and
to the compost heap loads of times
with grass cuttings because the grass was so long
and that's about my week.

Crow or Rook ?
I don't really know
But I took the picture the other day
and I quite like it.
Because I thought they were black
and clearly
they are not.
Most things, well many things
aren't what they seem
either at a distance
or on the inside.
Like, some people think I'm a kind, generous, affectionate, compassionate, friendly, sort of chap.

Did us proud again this year
Thank you
Unfortunately all the blue bells
we picked
have died and look very
limp in this vase...

.... just kidding !

Sun's Up
For the first time
I had my tea
a nice chicken curry
in the sunshine
I rebuilt the table and chairs
which meant putting in
a couple
of nuts and bolts
Opened a Red
and sat in the garden.
And ate.

And froze


Door Set
I went down South this weekend
and had a fun
not least because I had a number of
pints of fine ale.
And one of the local ciders.
I went on one walk
where it rained
So I took the pocket camera
I recently gifted my dearest.
The rain had also brought out
the snails.
Here is one.
Munching a yellow flower.
I don't really know why snails exists
but close up
they're quite cute!

After Work
Today, after work, I cut the grass, well during a tea break actually, because the sun was out, I was working at home, honest. Anyway, this little chap popped out and watched me most of the time. Not sure why they (he) do (did) it. Maybe it was the little grubs that were suddenly exposed in the short grass. I reckon it was just because he (or she) liked the (my) company. At one point I saw two. But I think these are both the same one. I think robins are my favourite.
Later, I drove over to Lowestoft. Not the best place in the world. But a fantastic concert. The Dvořák was brill'.

I'm talking about the type of strike
which comes out of the sky
accompanied by thunder.
it hit the signaling system
just in front of the train.
So I sat in a cold train
Waiting so long in fact
that by the time I got to London
It was just about time
to come home.
I did have a good chat though
and sorted a bit of thinking .
And rather than wasting the trip completely
Had a beer with the Bishop of Norwich
I mean, IN the Bishop of Norwich.

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