A new experience

For me last night
Rather than going to bed
I partook of a little public bible reading
We're doing cover-2-cover
down at NCBC
So I did an overnight shift with three or four friends
As this was the first night, it was Leviticus and Numbers.

But not as difficult as having to work down a mine
or deep sea fishing
or managing the England football team.
Or indeed, as difficult as
keeping some of the rules
(written about in the same books )
if we want to try and earn our way into God's love.

Good job He just loves us anyway, freely.

am just off up there now for night two. was kinda hoping for a nap this evening but that didnt happen. my prediction is that we'll be in the Psalms (which'll be cool) or Isaiah.
Did you know I can read this stuff - even in America
Amazing !!
Had a new experience at Baker methodist Church last sunday. Contemporary, I think!

Old man
i'm having lots of new experiences at the moment.
went to an anglian church that was more lively and open than my home church which was a lovely new experience.
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