New Forest

We just got back
Back's fine but camera dropped in a muddy bog
Thought I'd check out that it still worked.
I wasn't there for 7 days
But here are 7 pics
Pick your favourite and let me know!
Is it:
Silver Saplings
Burnt Bushes
Land of Leaves
Running River
Setting Sun
Pair of Ponies
Daring Deer

I like Land of Leaves best love the lighting and colours. But you haven't got the one that i took as an option. I'm not angry just dissapointed.
its a toss up between running river and setting sun. they are all really good though dad, good work
Running River gets my vote
the pics look way better now my colours work! brings out the autumn a lot more
hey uncle steve!!
I have a blog now but its just for homework so it's not NEARLY as interesting as yours.
i'm a big fan of the running river picture. but the setting sun is good as well.
rachael! nice blog. Cool pics - setting sun is the best but river comes close second. Hope you had fun visiting dan!!! Hope unis ok dan. And i fully understand the fact that you are now a cool uni guy and too busy to answer my email.
hang on a minute - i thought i had answered your last email. oh man, better go check
emma i'm glad that you're a cool high school student and dan is a cool uni student and becca is just... cool, and that you are all too busy to answer MY emails!
uncle steve, your blog is turning into a great chat room!
feel free to chat on my blog pages. i love it. and no one ever shows me theie emails - so its a good way of me snooping! can't believe that non of you reply to our lovely Rach - go on, go and do!
sorry :(
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
it must be a british thing rach...
they don't reply to me either! :)
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