Million dollar Question

I often blog about climate change.
Another new report out yesterday
Putting the price in economic terms on the climate change.

What was fun was seeing a few mad scientists and the few mad politicians who believed them talking about how 95% of (non mad) scientists had probably got it wrong, and global warming wasn't so bad.
I couldn't believe what I was seeing/hearing/reading.
Head in the sand ~I thought

Wonder what I have my head in the sand about
and wonder how many entrenched positions and views I hold.
Do tell me.

So, to answer to the first question - it's several trillion pounds (or dollars, I can't remember).

So the next debate I heard was not about fixing the glaring and obvious climate question, it was how much is a trillion.

I went and turned off all the lights that weren't being used. And cried myself to sleep.

If we are crying ourselves to sleep now I wonder what the next generations next generation will be doing to get to sleep. But at least they'll be able to bury their heads in plenty of sand cos it'll be "Norwich-on-Sea". And the generations after that? "Norwich-under-sea" I think. Perhaps we ought to try and re-evolve some gills so that we can pass them on to the next generation. That'll give them something to thank us for.
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