What happened in 1997

Tiger Woods started winning - youngest and blackest American to win the Masters
Kofi Anna took the reigns of the UN
Do you remember the yachtsman Tony Bullimore being trapped under his yacht for 5 days before being rescued?
Dolly the sheep was successfully cloned
Hong Kong handed back to China from the UK
The first Harry Potter book published
Mother Teresa died
And of course Tony Blair elected

Apparently Mr Blair will be making an announcement about his future tomorrow. He's lasted pretty well I reckon - and I know some people don't really like him, but I also reckon we could have been a lot worse off.

The question is what will his legacy be, and will it compare with the legacies left by the other members of my 1997 shortlist above. In the long run, whilst we might not remember Dolly - she may end up being the most significant.

Thankfully no one is ever going to want or need to clone me - which is just as well because I'm not willing to change my name to Dolly.

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