No Full Stops
I have lots of questions today which means I tend to ramble on a bit and write in a way that doesn't make a lot of sense for example why does a chief exec of a big if not the biggest uk company lie to the high court and why do people lie anyway because it always ends in tears whether you're gay or straight another question is why do people hurt each other so much especially when they like or liked each other so much not so long ago whether you're gay or straight and the hurt is so real and can make other people hurt who weren't even part of the love or hurt in the first place and then the age old question of why do people spill their hearts out on a mobile phone in a packed train when there are about fifty people listening and the conversation goes on to talk about what they do or don't like to do in bed whether you're gay or straight this is a daft thing to do and why people feel they should impose their values on other people whether they're gay or straight and the most important question must be why did man united throw away a good lead and loose three nil tonight but my most important wasn't the last question which is why do I feel hungry all the time

As you know I like answering important questions. Re. Hunger: when my cat is hungry all the time, I usually conclude it's time for worming tablet. But as this a cross-species deduction it may not apply to you.
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