wonder when weekends
(can't do all the w's any more)
go on a bit longer - because there is never enough time
and if there was, maybe I would be feeling a bit more well
before I had to turn out for work again.
witnessed a wedding on Saturday
and I'm sure there will be lots of pictures of bride and groom
so here are the wee bridesmaids
who well never get enough pictures.
And they do look wonderful.
Surprisingly the M25 was still
busy in the early hours of the morning
but not grid locked
I may be tempted to do that again sometime
after a Bath.
See this week
Lots of Christmas Shopping

Bringing the picture of two such lovely bridesmaids into close juxtaposition with the phrase I may be tempted to do that again sometime may not have been one of your better ideas Stevie!

Winding up for another visit the confessional? I'm still doing a deal on indulgences. Hurry while stocks last.
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