Christmas Meal
Tonight another: pleasant pheasant.
Although favourite bit: traditional pud.
However, much more interested to tell you about the incident with the pepper pot, which happened before I went out. Basically, we have a large wooden and heavy pepper pot. Must be 18 inches tall. Get the picture. Well, for some reason with which I wont bore you, but it was something to do with a candle and a light switch, I knocked it off the shelf, and it fell from a great height to land on by big toe. I do believe it might be broken - my toe that it. Maybe it's because I've lots all my strength in Samsonite fashion. Yes I succumbed to the pressure and got my golden locks cut off. Boo.

Toe injuries are painful. I hope you heal speedily. Ice will stop the swelling and arnica cream will help with the pain and bruising.
But I think you may well lose the nail :(
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