The in crowd
I was reading an interesting article today about the in crowd. That's the group that call themselves 'we' rather than 'them', which is what the people outside of that inner ring might call them. Deep down most of us, the article suggests, want to be in 'in' rather than 'out'.Trouble is, when you get in, there is another more exclusive in, and another. Rather than striving to get in, we actually get real satisfaction from being just us. Striving to get in usually means somewhere along the line we compromise or maybe act in a rather dodgy kind way or maybe ride rough shot over someone to exit our outer ring of no hopers and none cool people. So the inner circle is perhaps full of not so nice people anyway. So being in the in crowd isn't necessarily a great place to be and is a road that leads to dissatisfaction. Rather stay out and stay real and stay genuine and stay you.
I might not have remembered it very well.
In which case don't think about it too hard, instead wonder if there will be any turkeys available at Christmas.

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