Blu-Ray Confusion

Today I enjoyed a few things.
And didn't enjoy some other things.
And also got confused.

I didn't enjoy being 'alone in the office' for quite a while.
Alone of course is figurative.
There were about 3,000 other people about!
But alone I felt.
I didn't enjoy cycling home in the drizzle without my waterproof either.
I didn't enjoy finding out that someone hadn't told me the whole truth - intentionally.
(In case you're worrying, it wasn't you).

But I did enjoy listening to my ipod whilst working alone.
And I met a couple of new people.
And best of all, I enjoyed eating my Rhubarb yogurt.
The good things about it were:
It was 'bio'.
That means it will make me live longer.
And the manufacturer had put all the labels on upside down.
So in fact I was eating brabuhR.
I also enjoyed eating my Cheerio's this morning,
Wondering if they were really doughnut seeds.

I was confused about High Definition DVD disks.
And why the manufacturers can't agree on a format.
Because I don't know which to invest in.
I think the Blu-Ray option is most appealing
(only because of the name).
But I haven't a clue.

I like your positivity Steve. And I'm praying for the situation you find yourself in.

As for the DVD technology- do you NEED it? I didn't think so...
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